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Revolver or auto?

When asked that question, my reply is, “what do you want the gun for?” Let’s talk about only concealed carry for now. I will address other purposes later. There are so many choices it can be...


Why I hate the .357 magnum

The reason I hate the .357 so much is partly because of the handguns it is available in. Many of the firearms manufactured in the .357 are works of art by themselves. Some of them are so nice and so...


Acceptable and Unacceptable Ways to Protest

I want to respond to Mike Marshall’s letter in last week’s Pathfinder. Mike disagreed with some people’s dissatisfaction with other people’s method of protesting. I think Mike is very wrong. There are acceptable ways of protesting and there...


National Press No Longer Keeps Elected Officials on the Straight and Narrow

How is it that a person can illegally transmit 2,100 classified emails on four illegally established personal computers, lie to the FBI multiple times during a criminal investigation (which is also a crime), allow four US state department officials...


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