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 By Griffen Smith    News    June 4, 2020

Elbow Lake dam removal deferred, other restrictions in place

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks and Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation released their decision regarding the Removal and Remediation of Elbow Lake Dam Project May 26.  Instead of demolishing the dam as originally proposed,...

 By Griffen Smith    News    June 4, 2020

Visitor Center returns to the Barn

SEELEY LAKE - The Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce's Visitor Center will not look the same this year. After two years separated from the Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitor Center locally...

 By Andi Bourne    News    June 4, 2020

Bringing knowledge and comfort to the classroom

SEELEY LAKE - "Don't bring in a rocker - I don't need those kinds of things," Pearl Hawkins told Seeley Lake Elementary preschool teacher Sheila Devins on her first day as a foster grandparent. "I'm...

 By Andi Bourne    News    June 4, 2020

Stepping out with confidence and resiliency

SEELEY LAKE – "When we toss these caps and hang up these robes, we will leave this place behind and find our own way," said Salutatorian Ella Batchelder highlighting the different paths she and her...

 By Gary Wolfe    Opinion    June 4, 2020

Don't be a candidate for the Darwin Award

As I watched the national news over the past couple of weeks, I was reminded of the Darwin Awards. According to the rules posted on the Darwin Awards website, nominees for the award “significantly improve the gene pool by eliminating themselves...

 By Frank Dufresne    Opinion    June 4, 2020

Points to consider with proposed sewer

SEELEY LAKE - When deciding the proposed sewer, I hope the conservative, financially and socially responsible citizens of Seeley consider this: • Combined utility, water and sewer costs per user is likely to be THREE times what’s considered a...

 By Josh Slotnick    Opinion    June 4, 2020

Dudik has a proven record

The county has taken some great steps on jail diversion to break the cycle of addiction and misdemeanor arrest but we need statewide leadership on this issue, especially in the office of the Montana Attorney General, the state’s chief law...

 By Roxie Sterling    Opinion    June 4, 2020

Stand up and open up America

In my opinion Obama and Biden are clear up to then necks in the deep state swamp. They interfered in the Trump campaign and in the presidency of our President Donald Trump. Other presidents left the White House gracefully and kept their mouth shut...


Increase SNAP benefits - build a stronger Montana

As Montana enters the second stage of reopening, we still have a long, slow recovery ahead of us. Missoula Aging Services (MAS) has seen first-hand how difficult this crisis has been for older Montanans, especially those already struggling with...

 By Philip Gregory    Opinion    June 4, 2020

The evolution of the .44 magnum continued

This column picks up where the last one ended concerning the development of the .44 Magnum cartridge. The last column ended with the introduction of the first .44 caliber, self contained cartridge...

 By Claire Muller    News    June 4, 2020

The landscape of COVID-19 relief

Did you know the CARES Act allocated $1.25 billion just to Montana? This is IN ADDITION TO other funding Montanans have access to, like the SBA money (including the PPP and EIDL), unemployment money (including new availability for sole proprietors... Full story

 By Linda Howard    Opinion    June 4, 2020

How to enroll in Medicare during COVID-19

What is Medicare? Medicare is federally supported health insurance for: • People age 65 or older • Anyone on Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) • Anyone with End-Stage Renal Disease or... Full story

 By Andi Bourne    News    June 4, 2020

Free personal firewood gathering continues, permit required

National Forests and Grasslands throughout the Northern Region, including the Lolo and Flathead National Forests, will continue to offer free firewood and other forest product gathering for personal u...

 By Molly Hackett    Opinion    June 4, 2020

Compost, walls of water and plant bedding

Q: Would too many pine needles be bad for my compost? A: Poor old pine needles! They often get a bad rap from gardeners, for no good reason. Pine needles have been accused of making paths slippery...

 By Griffen Smith    News    June 4, 2020

Destination communities will be ready for visitors, says Bullock

At a press conference May 28, Governor Steve Bullock and the state of Montana prioritized preparing highly transited ‘destination communities’ for higher amounts of tourists as the state loosened interstate travel restrictions as a part of its... Full story

 By Andi Bourne    News    June 4, 2020

Missoula County moves to Phase 2

MISSOULA - On Thursday, May 28, the Missoula City-County Health Department amended local orders to embrace the Governor’s requirements for Phase 2, which take effect June 1. Missoula County offices will begin to reopen to the public with... Full story

 By Bridget Laird    Opinion    June 4, 2020

SLE 21st century program offers summer adventures and academic enrichment activities

Are your kids tired of spending hours each day on remote learning on the computer? Are they (and you) wondering what there is to do in the Seeley in the summer that doesn't involve logging in,...


Fees change at Flathead cabins and campgrounds

KALISPELL - Last month, the Flathead County Resource Advisory Committee and USFS Northern Regional Office approved fee changes for 12 rental cabins and the Spotted Bear and Lindbergh Lake campgrounds in Flathead National Forest. The changes come as...

 By Andi Bourne    News    June 4, 2020

'Seek and Find' to encourage others and provide hope

SWAN VALLEY – "Loss changes everything. Your way of life, your hopes, your dreams, your normal and your faith," wrote musician, teacher and video producer Katie Wright of the Swan Valley. Wright...


Swan Valley Elementary School Eighth Grade Graduates

SWAN VALLEY - Swan Valley School graduated four eighth graders June 2 in a closed, in-person ceremony. The students shared their favorite memory, someone who had impacted their lives at school and...

 By Andi Bourne    News    June 4, 2020

Grizzly Claw bear refurbished

SEELEY LAKE - The bear in front of the Grizzly Claw Trading Post on Highway 83 has been refurbished in an effort to signify a 'rebirth' to local businesses. Seeley Lake resident and woodworker Tom...


Unconscious unreality

If you're like my wife you're probably asking what is "unconscious unreality?" It's a phrase I picked up while reading Oswald Chambers, one of my favorite authors. Chambers made the statement that, "T...

 By Griffen Smith    News    June 4, 2020

Northern pike mandatory catch and report at Placid Lake

PLACID LAKE - During routine monitoring in early May, Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks discovered a northern pike in Placid Lake. The Fish and Wildlife commissioners declared at their May 28 meeting that the fish must be killed and reported when...


SLE Eighth Grade Graduates

SEELEY LAKE – The Seeley Lake Elementary eighth grade graduates were recognized June 2 through a video that was posted to the SLE website and Facebook page. Below, some of the graduates shared...

 By Griffen Smith    News    June 4, 2020

Sunset School hosts socially distant end of year ceremony

GREENOUGH - Multi-colored cones lined the grass outside of Sunset School as the teachers recognized their students for finishing out the unexpected school year. Roughly 10 families gathered under...


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