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  • Please Pause for Pets and People

    Elinor Williamson|May 5, 2016

    Well, it’s about to be vacation time again. First, let me say to our Seeley Lake people how proud many of us are that we have few running dogs due to all of you who watch your dogs closely. Yes, sometimes a dog does get loose accidently and when I get a call, the alert goes out and so many of our people watch and some of our businesses help much, and the dog is found. That’s what it takes to keep our pets safe. Thanks to all! However, there are some who take vacation in our communities which we appreciate. Although they sometimes think the...

  • Please Pause for Pets and People

    Elinor Williamson|Apr 7, 2016

    The Cakes for Canines on March 16 held at Pop's Place was a great success! Thanks to the many who showed up in support our much needed animal shelter! Big thanks to Tim and Connie who donated all the eggs, bacon and cakes. Thanks to Doug Richards for all his helpful art work and the great cakes which were grabbed up quickly. The lamp and nightlight crafted by Monty Montgomery were beautiful and all of the squares for a chance to win one filled up quickly which sure helped our fund! Mary Anna and...

  • Please Paws for People and Pets

    Elinor Williamson|Mar 10, 2016

    Please keep March 15 on your calendar for the Cakes for K-9s breakfast at Pop’s Place Restaurant. It’s FREE - donated by Tim and Connie with donations for their great support for Paws Up Safe Home Animal Shelter of Potomac. Donations are badly needed from everyone in our communities! The shelter, which has approximately fifty dogs and twenty cats, is in deep need! Thank You. Well, we have some good news! The golden retriever who was lost for nine days was found. The gracious couple who had found him, and was taking good care of him, saw a pic...

  • Setting the Record Straight about Paws Up Animal Shelter

    Elinor Williamson, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Mar 3, 2016

    POTOMAC - I received two phone calls Sunday about negative remarks about Paws Up Animal Shelter of Potomac on a local Facebook group. I would like to inform those who wrote those remarks. Facebook should not be used to damage people who have saved and rescued over two hundred dogs and many cats. I would personally be glad to meet you and explain the problems. I will again explain to you what has been explained to you. I can explain it for you but I can’t understand it for you. You wanted a puppy and went to Paws Up. You were advised that the pu...

  • Please Pause for Pets and People

    Elinor Williamson|Feb 11, 2016

    There is a little brindle pit bull running all over the Seeley Lake area. The owner must be found and notified as such. I think I know who the dog belongs to. He is thin and has caused many people concern. There is no excuse for this dog to be running and hungry, causing such concern. I tried to get him to come to me when he was in my yard but he is too skittish. I don’t think animal control could get him. So please help! The number of cats and dogs getting trapped in leg holds set by trappers are terrible. The problem is not only cats and d...

  • Please Pause for Pets and People

    Elinor Williamson|Jan 14, 2016

    Ahhh…rains throughout the summer, no more fires! Thanks for the donations. Paws Up Safe Home Animal Shelter of Potomac and the Seeley-Swan Community Food Bank can always use dog and cat food and all other donations. A special thank you to Vicki Scalise for her donation to The Ed Jackson (helping Pets Fund) and Barry and Carolyn Scalise for their donation in honor of Ed Jackson and Vicki Scalise. We so needed those donations. Pat Shane caught five cats and had them spayed or neutered plus shots. We also are helping two other couples get their c...

  • Please Paws for People and Pets

    Elinor Williamson|Dec 17, 2015

    Hopefully everyone had a good Thanksgiving. My family did not come due to bad weather. However, I was glad as my two dogs and cat tangled with a skunk that was trying to get on my deck through a small hole under the fence. I let the two little dogs out with the cat. Minnie, the poodle, spotted the skunks head and dashed to grab it, which she did and then Mollie, my terrier, jumped in and grabbed the skunk by the neck and was pulling it in. About half way in, the cat jumped on the skunk and started pulling hair. By that time the dogs had the sku...

  • Please Pause For Pets and People

    Elinor Williamson|Oct 22, 2015

    I am happy to say The Ed Jackson fund has helped many people lately to spay and neuter dogs and cats. Paws Up Animal Shelter of Potomac has been taking in and adopting out dogs. No dogs or cats are allowed in until the rabies quarantine expires around Nov. 14. People the shelters are full of dogs and cats that have not had their rabies shots. If your dog is picked up and does not have current rabies shots, it will be held for sixty days and you will be charged with dog at loose and the charges of the sixty days held in order to get your dog...

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