Please Paws for People and Pets

Please keep March 15 on your calendar for the Cakes for K-9s breakfast at Pop’s Place Restaurant. It’s FREE - donated by Tim and Connie with donations for their great support for Paws Up Safe Home Animal Shelter of Potomac. Donations are badly needed from everyone in our communities! The shelter, which has approximately fifty dogs and twenty cats, is in deep need! Thank You.

Well, we have some good news! The golden retriever who was lost for nine days was found. The gracious couple who had found him, and was taking good care of him, saw a picture of him which the owner had sent to Andi at the Pathfinder at my urging. This dog was very loved but had no I.D. as he always stayed home.

The owners were so happy when they went and retrieved the dog they could hardly talk when they called me. The dog was nine miles from home. Great thanks goes to the couple who cared for him while he was on his trip. Once again thanks to Andi and the Pathfinder’s Facebook page, a dog was found. And this one now has a collar, I.D and an electric fence.

 People, if your female dog is running and gets bred, first of all why is she running and why is she getting bred except for your carelessness? What then do you do with the puppies????

You go around giving a puppy to anyone who will take it, not caring who the people are or if they would be good owners. Why wasn’t your dog spayed and why were you so careless?

Their is help for those in need of help, The Ed Jackson (Helping Pets Fund) Memorial Fund. Now what is your excuse? Our fund is running very low, so do not take advantage of this fund unless you truly need help!

Pat Shane continues to trap and neuter feral cats and has caught the female who is responsible for all the kittens. However, there is one more female she is after. At one time there were 15 feral cats in one bunch on Redwood Lane.

Pat gets them spayed and neutered and takes them back to their original site. Pat has trapped and neutered a beautiful cat that is tame and lovable. She had to cut the mats off of it and has a picture of it on the Pathfinder’s Facebook page. If this cat is yours please call me 210-9014.

 Springtime is coming. Be a good and cautious owner. No more unwanted puppies and kittens!

 People it is time to tell our representatives and senators to push through a bill eliminating unlicensed puppy mills. Approximately 60 percent of puppies of puppy mills end up in the shelter or they are killed when no one wants them.


Elinor Williamson


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