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Please Pause for Pets and People


There is a little brindle pit bull running all over the Seeley Lake area. The owner must be found and notified as such. I think I know who the dog belongs to. He is thin and has caused many people concern. There is no excuse for this dog to be running and hungry, causing such concern. I tried to get him to come to me when he was in my yard but he is too skittish. I don’t think animal control could get him. So please help!

The number of cats and dogs getting trapped in leg holds set by trappers are terrible. The problem is not only cats and dogs but other small animals the trappers aren’t interested in.

Leg holds should be banned! I know there are good trappers out there and then there those who do not check their traps daily. What happens to the small animal that lost a leg? Is it turned loose to crawl off and die or is it dead?  

Becky Robbins lost one of her big dogs a month ago and was in such deep sorrow over the loss and three weeks later lost the 16-year-old dog. I feel the old dog just missed his buddy so much and was so lost at losing his buddy of 14 years, he could not deal with the loss and chose to go also, which added Becky more grief. So our double sympathy goes out to you Becky.

 Now for some good news. Jerry and Martha Swanson adopted a new kitten and a nice young dog from the Anaconda shelter! She is about a year old and came from the reservation, so she did not know what food, a warm bed and love was but is learning fast. What a lucky kitten and dog!

 It was nice to receive two letters from people our Ed Jackson Fund has helped. We do not usually get a note of thanks although we have helped so many. It was very appreciated.

An eight-year-old golden retriever was found and returned to his owners after being missing in the Condon area for more than a week. Thanks to the Seeley Swan Pathfinder Facebook page for letting people know and for everyone who shared, cared and kept an eye out for him. When the Pathfinder called the owner she was so excited and thrilled.

If you are missing a pet or have found one, email the Pathfinder a photo ( and information and they will post it on their Facebook page to help get it back to its owners.

 Someone made the remark that a cat is “just a cat!” My response to that is, “So a cat should not be treated well, fed and loved but abandoned, kicked out and left with no protection in the cold?” You’re an idiot!

God gave us cats as he did all our animals for a reason and to balance nature, such as keeping rodents under control. So be as kind to cats as to other pets or your Wheaties could be eaten by rodents before you get to them!

 Remember, saving one dog or cat will not change the world but for that one dog or cat the world will change forever. 

Remember to love yourself, be kind to others, love your family and pets and keep them close.

Elinor Williamson - 210-9014


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