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Please Pause for Pets and People


Well, it’s about to be vacation time again.

First, let me say to our Seeley Lake people how proud many of us are that we have few running dogs due to all of you who watch your dogs closely. Yes, sometimes a dog does get loose accidently and when I get a call, the alert goes out and so many of our people watch and some of our businesses help much, and the dog is found. That’s what it takes to keep our pets safe. Thanks to all!

However, there are some who take vacation in our communities which we appreciate. Although they sometimes think their dog is also on vacation. They think that they are in Seeley Lake now and the dog is free to run so its go baby. I say its Whoa Baby, we have the same laws in our communities as your town and Missoula!

 Last summer we had about eight lost dogs. I alone kept four for a full day and some for two days although I had notified many people and businesses of the dogs! The Fourth of July, of course, was the worst.

Once again, keep your dog in the house if it is afraid of the noise. If the dog is scared enough, a pen or an electric fence will not always work.

For every day I have to keep a dog for a day or more because of a careless owner, I will ask for a donation to The Paws Up Animal Shelter of $25.00 a day. Not legal you say. Well, arrest me for saving your dog! I will take your dog to jail with me! Remember, we who work so hard to protect our pets are not glory seekers. It is because we care. All we ask is that you care and help!

 Many dogs left alone even though there is an electric fence will escape. The dog could get so frightened from being left or the battery could be dead in its collar and then it goes running, even if a caretaker has been taking food and water to it. The little dog got lucky and someone had taken it in, in the middle of the night. Thanks Mark! It’s always best to have a sitter in the home or a friend keep it at their house.

Both of my little dogs had teeth surgery last week. This is very expensive! So please when you go to the vet ask him or her to check your pet’s teeth very good and try to have their teeth cleaned once a year. I believe I was let down by a couple of vets when I ask them to check my dogs teeth every year at check up time.

 Well, I received a nice hug from someone in the post office the other day and a thank you for my column and helping pets, which was so nice. This hug goes out to all the many people who help.

 Remember our Bake Sale on May 14 at Cory’s Valley Market from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. SwanWoods is donating two of their beautiful bowls and I will be donating a new watch for prizes on a board. We really need your support of bake goods and donations so we can continue our spay and neuter program and have dog food for 40 dogs.

Thank you very much and bless you and your pets.

Elinor Williamson



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