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  • Change Your Pace Raises More Than $113,000

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE – As a part of the Change Your Pace Challenge, 14 non-profit and service organizations in Seeley Lake raised more than $113,000 between May 20 and July 22. Because this far exceeded the $30,000 matching funds offered by the Seeley Lake Community Foundation (SLCF), each organization received a prorated match based on the percent that was raised. The SLCF came up with this new fundraising model in hopes to encourage broader community support and diversify everyone's fundraising e...

  • Fatal Accident on Hwy 83

    Nathan Bourne, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE - A single vehicle accident on Highway 83 claimed the life of 17-year-old Paul Hammerel from Condon, Mont. Emergency responders were called to mile marker 18.5, three miles north of Seeley Lake, just before 10 p.m. Aug. 1. According to Missoula County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Brenda Bassett, the southbound vehicle rolled several times. Neither Hammerel nor an unidentified passenger were wearing their seatbelts. The condition of the passenger and the cause of the accident were not known at press t...

  • Warm Water Prompts "Hoot-Owl" Restrictions

    Aug 4, 2016

    HELENA - Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP) will instituted “hoot-owl” fishing restrictions on many western Montana rivers and streams beginning Friday, July 29 due to warm and rising water temperatures. The restrictions will close fishing daily from 2 p.m. to midnight until conditions improve. “Hoot owl” restrictions apply to the following stretches of water in west-central Montana, effective last Friday: • Blackfoot: Entire length • Blackfoot tributaries: North Fork and Copper, Monture and Morrell Creeks • Bitterroot: Tucker Crossi...

  • Rose Receives Governor's Award

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE – Erik Rose, 2006 graduate of Seeley-Swan High School, was one of the recipients for the 2016 Governor's Award for Excellence in Performance for his work on the project entitled "Labor Market Outcomes for Missoula College." Rose was a data analyst on the project with the Montana Office of the Commissioner of Higher Education (OCHE) and Montana Department of Labor & Industry (DLI). Rose has been the Montana compliance and workforce data analysis program manager with the OCHE for t...

  • Providing Open Forum

    Nathan Bourne, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    Last week Mark Melvin called out the Pathfinder for printing Rick Ferguson’s Letter to the Editor (July 14) and more specifically the “prominent black box of divisive fearmongering” that accompanied it. Since taking ownership of the Pathfinder we are proud to say that we have been willing to print all the letters we have received with the exception of a couple “thank you” and unsigned letters. The Pathfinder will continue to be an open forum for letters, however I do agree with Mark’s point on the black box of text. It made it nearly impo...

  • The Horror of Puppy Mills

    Elinor Williamson, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Aug 4, 2016

    After viewing the horror of the Charlo puppy mill, are we the people going to stand up to our senators and reps and demand they get and sign a bill abolishing puppy mills?? Our state is known for open doors on puppy mills. That’s why when they get abolished in other states they flee to Montana. It’s time to say no more! Puppy mills are cruel, evil places! To the politicians, read the Bible. God gave us horses for work and pleasure, gave us cattle and chickens for food in return for care, as all animals are to be cared for. God gave us dogs and...

  • There is a Fire on the Horizon in Montana…Do the Research

    Rick Ferguson, Condon, Mont.|Aug 4, 2016

    Regarding my letter to the editor July 14, 2016, I would like make the following comments. It is a fact that the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security have both stated that there is no way to obtain accurate security background checks for any Muslim Syrian refugees that enter the United States. So why would our “public servants,” starting with Governor Steve Bullock, put us and our families at risk by insisting that unvetted Muslim Syrian refugees be given a go pass to Montana? The Germans and other European countries have admitted tha...

  • SLE Board of Trustees - Work with the Community, Instead of Against It

    Bruce Friede, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE - As a local fixed income citizen in this community I have these opinions concerning the recent activities on our tax owners property and taxpayer employees. I find it curious that the Seeley Lake Elementary School Trustees would allow the school to compete with other taxpaying businesses in this community. This school, under a grant from the Federal Department of Education and administered by the State of Montana Department of Education, have now used federal and state taxpayer moneys to open a business that is in direct...

  • A Few Considerations on the Seeley Lake Sewer- Don't Believe Everything You Hear

    Don Larson, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE - The Sewer Board proposal to subsidize sewer rates to get the initial monthly cost down is an end run around our right to vote on a very-expensive bond proposal. By promising early, temporary, affordable sewer rates, Public Works Director Greg Robertson and the Seeley Lake Sewer District Board hope to avoid a vote on the multi-million dollar bond issue which would probably fail at the polls if the vote were held tomorrow. Here are some considerations. • Robertson is overlooking several pertinent facts to make his case for the s...

  • Heaven is Just Over the Hill

    Lee Boman, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE - Try this. Look at your legs and kindly ask them, “please take me over the hill into the Bob.” Immediately, upon making that request, I predict your brain will send a barrage of messages including: “Are you kidding? We can drive where we need to go. Stupid idea.” And more. But, if your inner self is strong enough to override your brain’s preference for comfort and convenience, then you have an opportunity. You have an opportunity to reduce negative stress, experience personal growth and enjoy increased vigor. Once your legs take...

  • Mountain Biker Proudly Supports BCSP

    Wes Swaffar, Missoula, Mont.|Aug 4, 2016

    There are a few special places that I’ve encountered in my life that grabbed hold of me and refused to let me go. One of those special places is the Blackfoot-Clearwater region, a place we have the opportunity to protect through the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Project (BCSP). I would like to explain why I, as a mountain biker, support the BCSP. Seven years ago, I had the privilege of working as a wilderness ranger for the Seeley Lake Ranger District. Charged with trail maintenance, visitor contacts and backcountry campsite monitoring, I f...

  • Catch of a Lifetime

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    VALDEZ, ALASKA - Connie Betson of Seeley Lake caught this Valdez Fishing Derby winner, a 163.2 pound halibut, while fishing with her husband Jim and friend Jerry Posthumus. She caught it on the "Amanda Rose" with skipper Dave Towne June 23. "I knew it was pretty good sized because I was having problems reeling it in," said Betson. When she started to get tired Betson asked if she could have some help. Towne told her if she had anyone help her reel it in, it voided her derby ticket. "He said...

  • Project Healing Waters

    Michael Pecora, Big Blackfoot Chapter of Montana Trout Unlimited|Aug 4, 2016

    For the fifth consecutive year, Big Blackfoot Chapter of Trout Unlimited (BBCTU) was privileged to host the Project Healing Waters (PHW) fly-fishing trip for three honored, military veterans from Montana, Idaho and Washington. Joshua Dockery, Joe Axtell and Tom Bowyer were selected by PHW to participate in this worthwhile trip. These three decorated veterans have completed multiple tours in Iraq, Afghanistan or Vietnam. BBCTU Project Healing Waters chairman and Army veteran Michael Pecora planne...

  • Parking Meter Stands and Rifle Found Underwater

    Sigrid Olson, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    POTOMAC - More than 90 volunteers came together to "bring back the scenic beauty of the Blackfoot River," said Project Managers Janelle Schiller and Lynn Gontarek-Garberson. Both thought the clean up went very well again this year. This was the 13th year of cleaning the river since the Blackfoot Home and Community Club (BHCC) began the river clean up in 2003. Eight divers along with 10 rafts and watercrafts and volunteers walking the shore of the Blackfoot spent the day July 30 picking up...

  • Swan Lake Huckleberry Festival Celebrates 35 Years

    Submitted by the Swan Lake Community Club|Aug 4, 2016

    SWAN LAKE - In 1981, members of the Swan Lake community decided that they needed some kind of summer festival. They wanted to raise funds for community projects but they were also looking for a way to give the public a day of fun and relaxation on the shore of their beautiful lake. According to newspaper accounts, the first festival drew an estimated 400 people to the Swan Lake Day Park for a chuck wagon barbecue, children's activities, a baking contest and arts and crafts. Those press reports...

  • Snow Plowing In Dogtown To Head Council Agenda

    Submitted by the Seeley Lake Community Council|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE - The hot-button topic snow plowing in Dogtown will kick off the next Seeley Lake Community Council meeting, Monday, Aug. 8. County Commissioner Jean Curtiss and Kristen Baker-Dickinson, head of the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) Clearwater Unit, will discuss where the county and DNRC stand in regard to plowing Dogtown streets next winter. As the community may remember, last year the county announced that they would not be able to plow some streets in Dogtown. The reason given was that those roads...

  • Year-Round Recreation Drives Record Breaking Visitation at State Parks

    Aug 4, 2016

    HELENA – Montana State Parks ( continues to see record-breaking visitation in 2016 due to increasing year-round recreation. According to the latest visitation estimates, Montana State Parks has set a record for visitation during June 2016. More than 422,000 people visited Montana’s state parks last month, which was 28,000 more than 2015 and the highest all-time for the month of June. Montana State Parks has also seen record year-to-date park attendance. Overall, visitation is up 23 percent for the year with nearly 1.3 mil...

  • Amelia Grace Love

    Aug 4, 2016

    MISSOULA - Proud paternal grandparents, Tim and Donna Love of Missoula, Mont. joyfully announce the birth of their second grandchild, Amelia Grace Love. Parents, Nathan and Heidi Love of Coquitlam, B.C., Canada welcomed Amelia into the world June 26, 2016 at 8:18 p.m. Amelia weighed 7 pounds, 12 ounces. Maternal grandparents are Anita Lam of Richmond, B.C. Canada and Tak Keung of Hong Kong, China. Welcome to the world, our newest little Love.... Full story

  • Part 1 of 2 Montana Followed Meandering Path to Statehood

    Aug 4, 2016

    From "Montana A History of Two Centuries" by Michael P. Malone, Richard R. Roeder and William L. Lang. Reprinted by permission of the University of Washington Press Each of the United States of America – except the original 13, Texas and California – was first organized as a territory before achieving admittance to the Union as a state. Originating with the Ordinances of 1785 and 1787, the territorial system provided the expanding U.S. with a method to govern frontier areas until they gai...

  • Their Nose Knows

    Colleen Kesterson, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    SWAN VALLEY - Swan Valley Connections presented a Mussel Dog program at the Holland Lake Boat Launch area July 26. Two "mussel" dogs, three-year old Labradors, with their handler Deb Tirmenstein demonstrated how they can sniff out aquatic invasive zebra and quagga mussels on watercraft. The dogs using their keen sense of smell save watercraft inspectors time and money. They can more quickly identify the invasive mussels which are located in places on the watercraft that are hard for humans to...

  • Church - More than a Building, It is the People

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE – Holy Cross Lutheran Church of Seeley Lake and Faith Lutheran of Condon joined together Sunday, July 31 for a combined worship and celebration of 50 years. Current members and those connected to the church from the past shared the sentiment that the church is not a building, it's the people. It has been the people, under God's leadership and blessing, that made the two churches continue for the past 50 years. During the sermon, current Pastor Erik Iverson asked the congregation w...

  • Broken People

    Erik Hatch, Guest columnist|Aug 4, 2016

    If you’re looking for a model of what the church is supposed to look like – look no further than a local Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting. Alcoholism runs rampant in my family (I’m lucky to not have the disease), but some very close people in my life do. I spent some time this week talking with those that battle the bottle. Listening to my friends describe the comradery and transparency at AA made me almost jealous! The stories went like this… “When you walk into AA for the first time, it’s usually because you have just hit rock bottom. You...

  • Locontes Excel on the Ice

    Andi Bourne, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE – Siblings Damon and Dacia Loconte each started skating last year. This year, Damon played as a goalie for the Missoula Bruins Squirts for nine and 10-year-olds. He is the second rated goalie in the state across all divisions including high school. Dacia skated to five medals in figure skating competitions across the northwest. Damon was the only goalie for his team this year with the exception of state. He played on the traveling team playing tournaments in Washington, Idaho and a...

  • Firewise Communities Program Offers Online Wildfire Safety Toolkit

    Aug 4, 2016

    The National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Firewise® Communities Program has published an updated Firewise Toolkit aimed at homeowners and other wildfire stakeholders interested in learning how to reduce wildfire risk. The Toolkit is available online and free of charge. Every year wildfires burn across the U.S. and more and more people are living where wildfires are an increasing risk. Nearly 45 million homes abut or intermix with grasslands, forests and wildlands and more than 72,000 U.S. communities are located in a wildfire-prone ar...

  • Shooters Demonstrate Skills

    Nathan Bourne, Pathfinder|Aug 4, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE - Hellgate Civilian Shooters team in partnership with the Wilderness Sportsman's Club held an Exhibition March at the Seeley Lake Gun Range, July 31. Spectators took turns shooting the teams rifles after the Shooter’s expedition match....

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