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Cross-species spread of bird flu is raising concerns from bear management

CONDON- April 5 brought snow showers, but despite the reluctance of spring to come around the Swan Valley Connections hosted their annual Spring Bear Wake Up Social- a potluck and presentation on the...

 By Jean Pocha    News    April 13, 2023

Local ice skater finds fulfillment and passion

Tanya Fyfe grew up in Canada and spent her whole life skating on ice. It was a part of every aspect of her life until she moved to Seeley Lake and hung up her skates. But after a hiatus, she is back...


An apology from the Pathfinder

A few weeks ago our archives page featured a story about criminal charges filed in 1988 against two individuals who since that brush with the law had become well-loved members of this community before dying tragically and suddenly a year and half...


To The Owners and Editors of The Seeley Swan Pathfinder:

To The Owners and Editors of The Seeley Swan Pathfinder: In the March 30, 2023 issue in the archives section you include the story of Kerry and Stacy Good. This was not only distasteful and cruel, it shows a true lack of journalist research. With... Full story


In response to Andi Bourne's comments.

[In] response to Andi Bourne’s comments. Seeley Lake Fire District transparency is paramount. “Privacy Rights” protection, includes legal documents which are transmitted to the District Attorney for instructions. Andi is aware of past... Full story


In Regards to the Elbow Lake Gravel Pit

In Regards to the Elbow Lake Gravel Pit LHC, Inc has applied for an Opencut (Dryland) mining permit on 21.2 acres of DNRC (Dept of Natural Resources and Conservation)-managed State Trust Lands to mine, crush, and remove gravel to a depth of 20 feet... Full story

 By Jon Haufler    Opinion    April 13, 2023

The Clearwater Resource Council is opposed to the proposed gravel pit near Elbow Lake.

The Clearwater Resource Council is opposed to the proposed gravel pit near Elbow Lake. This area is directly adjacent to the most important winter range for big game in the Clearwater Valley . Our analyses also show that the gravel pit and asphalt... Full story


Seeley Lake Rural Fire District Call Log

3/29/2023 Black Bear Dr Medical 4/4/2023 HWY 83 Medical 4/6/2023 Dolly Varden Dr Illegal Burn... Full story


Missoula County Sheriff's Log

March 30 - April 6 2023 3/31/2023, 9:03 am, 2xx School Lane, Seeley Lake, Intimidations 4/1/23, 8:40 pm, 24xx Highway 83, Seeley Lake, Trespassing 4/3/23, 11:20 am, 2xx Lundberg Road, Condon,... Full story


Grow your relationship with Jesus Christ the Easter

We can learn from the example Jesus Christ set throughout His whole ministry. Each new day is an opportunity for us to experience the joy and peace that is possible because of Him. On Palm Sunday, (A... Full story

 By Mike Ebinger    Opinion    April 13, 2023

Big Bruins and Little Kings: Surviving Montana's Winters

For warm-blooded animals, the ability to maintain relatively constant body temperatures, called “homeothermy”, is critical to life. Regardless of outside temperatures, body temperatures must be maintained within a relatively narrow range. When...


Upcoming Events

April 15, 10am -2pm, Clearwater Junction and Rovero’s Ace Hardware, 406-210-2051 Girl Scout Cookie Booth - The Girl Scouts will be at the Clearwater Stop N Go and Rovero’s from 10am-2pm.  Cash or Check only. $5 per box for all varieties except... Full story



1988 SOS Levy Fails A proposed mill levy which would have raised approximately $15,690 for the SOS Hospital District over the next two years failed during local elections last Tuesday. Seeley Lake...


Deep soil frost may not be only culprit for frozen pipes

Water lines in the Seeley Lake area have been freezing solid quite late this year, but it's not so much from a change in weather as it is from a change in the town's population. Although the Seeley...


Senior Menus

For any area senior unable to afford the lunches, assistance may be available. Frozen meals are also available. Please call Ria Overholt with Missoula Aging Services at 406-728-7682 for information The Mission Mountains Mercantile serves senior... Full story


"Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" stealing honor and admiration for a fan-favorite fantasy franchise

"Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves" provides hilarious high fantasy fun for all ages in a pretty looking adventure tale. Regardless if you're familiar with the source material, there's... Full story


Holy Cross Lutheran hosts celebrates first night of Passover

Passover began on Thursday April 6, and the Holy Cross Lutheran in Seeley Lake hosted a Seder Dinner to commemorate the Jewish tradition and recognize its place in Christian belief. The Passover...


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