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  • Wildfires and proactive fire defensive measures: what can you do?

    Jon Haufler, President of Clearwater Resource Council|Sep 21, 2023

    The abnormally wet August and early September put an end to the wildfire risks that Seeley Lake was again facing this summer. The Colt Lake and Big Knife fire starts brought back memories of the Jocko Lakes, Rice Ridge, Liberty, and other fires that threatened the community and produced evacuations, closures, and other impacts. Without this year's timely moisture, these fires could have put the Seeley Lake community in another tenuous position. What can we do to reduce wildfire risks to our...

  • The Clearwater Resource Council is opposed to the proposed gravel pit near Elbow Lake.

    Jon Haufler, President of Clearwater Resource Council|Apr 13, 2023

    The Clearwater Resource Council is opposed to the proposed gravel pit near Elbow Lake. This area is directly adjacent to the most important winter range for big game in the Clearwater Valley . Our analyses also show that the gravel pit and asphalt plant are located in swales that will drain into wetlands mapped in the National Wetland Inventory, including a freshwater pond. This will facilitate the transport of sediment and contaminants to the wetlands, pond, and ultimately Elbow Lake and the Clearwater River. A detailed explanation of the... Full story

  • Stick to the facts and include all information at Pet Release Clinics

    Jon Haufler and Carolyn Mehl, Seeley Lake, Montana|Oct 28, 2021

    We were unable to attend the local trapping clinic last week but were told a question was asked regarding our dogs being snared while we were bird hunting last season on public lands, with one dog killed as a result. A clinic presenter, a Montana Trappers Association (MTA) rep, responded by saying our dog died because we had not trained it to be “leash-broke” and he “heard our dogs were out of control and running wildly.” It is a well-worn and sad MTA strategy to try to shift blame in this way for the consequences of trapper actions onto th...