In response to Andi Bourne's comments.

[In] response to Andi Bourne’s comments.

Seeley Lake Fire District transparency is paramount. “Privacy Rights” protection, includes legal documents which are transmitted to the District Attorney for instructions.

Andi is aware of past challenges. If the board could share past events, the public would better understand trials and tribulations and decisions made. Regardless, improved services prevailed exponentially and in UNITY.

Short meetings: I note meetings lasted longer before restructuring, hiring, drafting budgets, policy manual rewritten, issues, time consuming closed session issues on topics such as embezzlement, theft, inappropriate behaviors, harassment, breaking and entering, to mention a few, frivolous complaints against members (subsequently dismissed). In streamlining operations and back to regular business, meetings less than 30 minutes as noted is a sign of smooth operations. If agenda warrants, we will take whatever time is necessary.

In leaving operations and administration to the Chief and staff, the board can focus on governance, financials and longer range views. The Chief has done an incredible job on administration and recruitment which has evolved into a forward thinking process over the last 4 plus years.

Andi suggesting district business take place outside board meetings is correct as far as discussion, but not meetings by quorum. Communications with the Chief on ideas, concerns, budgeting and proposals is part of the success and our responsibility. ALL board members have that right and also the public.

The District hired the Chief to be responsible for administration and personnel alleviating time spent at board meetings, or special meetings. AGENDA, further provides for Updates/Actions at ALL meetings and open-floor discussions on those topics. Additionally, “Public Comments” relevant questions or concerns from the public are heard, though answered or addressed at the next meeting if warranted. We also welcome “Positive” input.

Andi’s reference to

potential legal correspondence over 2 years ago is not accurate. Board packets are prepared and delivered to trustees on prior Fridays with agenda set as required notice. Any correspondences received after that distribution are not included in the packets and will be in the next board meeting.

All trustees were copied appropriately and also the District Attorney.

Andi was partially correct on pay-raise vote 9 months ago. Having legal counsel on this pay-raise process prior to meeting and afterwards. Unintentional miscommunication with attorneys and myself in changeover as to this closed sessions and procedure to actual voting and performance review. I accept that error or miscommunication. Performance evaluations for personnel under “Privacy Rights’’ is correct . We immediately corrected and revoted.

Additionally, a Pathfinder employee/contributor/proofer should not intervene in the election process by muck stirring. Andi Bournes’ contrary past reporting has impeded efforts of SLFD. Past important commentary, censuring, or details in board meeting responses while covering rabble-rousers thoroughly, is biased and causes false perception.

SLRFD is UNIFIED serving the community providing the best services available without further taxation. What small town has 7 fire response units, 2 ambulances, 31 total personnel consisting of 22 FF, 6/8 EMT’S, 2/4 Paramedics, 4 paid staff, 5 Auxiliary?


Scott Kennedy (Chairman of The Board-Disclosure)


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