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  • Seeley Lake dog sledder completes 20th Iditarod

    Gwyneth Hyndman|Mar 23, 2023

    Seeley Lake dog sledder Jessie Royer has completed her 20th Iditarod race, a grueling 998-mile route from Anchorage to Nome, Alaska. Royer, 46, covered this in ten days, two hours and 35 minutes, securing a 14th place position when she arrived in Nome last Thursday, March 16. In an interview with the Iditarod press team early in the race, Royer - who has had eight top-ten finishes since she began competing in the race - said that her 2023 dog team was "a wild card" with 13 rookies and one...

  • Mercado signs with University of Providence Argos

    Asa Thomas Metcalfe|Mar 23, 2023

    Sean Mercado of the Seeley-Swan Blackhawks basketball team has signed an agreement to attend and play for the University of Providence in Great Falls next year. Mercado has been interested in many sports and athletics since he was a child and has played varsity football and basketball for Seeley Lake. This move to the Argos will be his first time playing in any colors other than black and gold. "I'm just looking forward to meeting the basketball team and putting on a new jersey," Mercado said....

  • Prowling for owls in the moonlight is an exploration of nocturnal behaviour

    Jean Pocha|Mar 23, 2023

    An owl prowl was held Saturday, March 4 by Rachel Fiegley for Clearwater Resource Council (CRC). A brief explanation of owl behavior and Montana owl species at the CRC office was followed by a moonlit walk from River Point Campground to observe owls. The owl prowl was the sixth CRC nature walk program, which started in 2020. "We want to help people get out onto the public land in the area," said Fiegley, former Forest Service District Ranger and Wildlife Biologist. "That way they can hopefully...

  • Parent Teacher Club rekindled with new energy

    Jean Pocha|Mar 23, 2023

    New energy and ideas from school parents has resurrected the Parent Teacher Club(PTC) at Seeley Elementary School(SLE). "Fifteen years ago there was a Parent Teacher Club at the school," said Michelle Dunn, current PTC president. "As happens, those parents moved on as their kids grew up and the PTC languished." Dunn and her family, including two children now in 7th and 8th grade, moved to Seeley Lake in 2020 from Potomac. As part of the organizing committee of the Potomac PTC for five years and...

  • Op-ed: Pride in accomplishments so far

    Matt Regier - Rhonda Knudsen - Sue Vinton, Montana House of Representatives|Mar 23, 2023

    The Leadership of the Montana House of Representatives is proud of the accomplishments the Republican led Legislature has achieved on behalf of the people of Montana in the first half of the legislative session. Several key pieces of legislation have passed both chambers and will be sent to the Governor, these include a property tax rebate of $1,000 to residential property owners paid out in 2024 and 2025, and an income tax rebate of up to $1,250 per individual taxpayer and $2,500 for married couples filing jointly. Additionally, we are paying...

  • Local journalism goes to Washington

    Mar 23, 2023

  • Op-Ed: SB 458 Will Come with A Moral Cost

    Jen Gross - Susan Webber|Mar 23, 2023

    By: Sen. Jen Gross (D-Billings) and Sen. Susan Webber (D-Browning) For over an hour and a half, over forty Montanans – overwhelmingly young Montanans – showed up to the Capitol to express in detail the suffering and pain that SB 458 will cause them. Instead of taking seriously the trauma and damage inflicted on so many Montanans, Republicans chose to proceed with this bill that targets one community, making them less before the law. Introduced by Republican Sen. Carl Glimm, SB 458 is a 61-page-bill that creates an impossibly narrow and emb... Full story

  • Seeley Lake Rural Fire District Call Log

    Mar 23, 2023

    March 9-15 3/8/2023, Medical, Highway 83 3/10/2023, Accident-Injury, 10 MM Highway 83 3/10/2023, Medical, S Canyon Drive 3/10/2023, Medical, Pine Drive 3/11/2023, Accident-Injury, Highway 200 3/12/2023, Medical, Overland Trail... Full story

  • Missoula County Sheriff's Log

    Mar 23, 2023

    March 9-15 3/9, 6:08 p.m., 1x Highway 83, Accident-No Injury 3/9, 10:45 p.m., 2xx Larch Lane, Suspicious Activity 3/10, 1:14 p.m., 36xxx Bear Acres Road, Fraud 3/10, 2:33 p.m., 1x MM Highway 83, Accident-No Injury 3/11, 9:58 a.m., Garnet Range Road, Trespassing 3/11, 2:39 p.m., 386xx Highway 200, Accident-No Injury 3/12, 3:42 p.m., 2x MM Highway 200, Suspicious Activity 3/12, 11:32 p.m., 14xx Highway 83, Suspicious Activity 3/15, 7:27 a.m., 1x MM Highway 200, Accident-Injury 3/15, 11:51 a.m.,... Full story

  • E Pluribus....Seeley!

    Robert Shaffer, Double Arrow Ranch Landowners Association|Mar 23, 2023

    When John Adams, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson proposed this motto for the Great Seal of the United States it summed up the determination of the fledgling nation perfectly. It also set the stage for the United States becoming the great “Melting Pot”. In this age of “Diversity” it seems as if the idea of a “Melting Pot” has become a dirty word, yet it seems to me that it is our only hope. I’m sure many will disagree with that sentiment, so let me explain. When I was in college in the early 1980’s, the idea of the Melting Pot beg... Full story

  • The Gifts of Lament

    Carrie Benton, Mountain Lakes Presbyterian Church|Mar 23, 2023

    "All my longings lie open before you, Lord; my sighing is not hidden from you. My heart pounds, my strength fails me; even the light has gone from my eyes. My friends and companions avoid me because of my wounds; my neighbors stay far away." (Psalm 38:9-11) These are heavy, emotion-laden words from one of the many Psalms of Lament found in our Hebrew scriptures. The Psalms of Lament are an invaluable element of scripture. The poetry there helps to name the deep pain people experience – all w... Full story

  • Archives

    Mar 23, 2023

    Pathfinder Archives March 23 Issue Drug Bust Nets $60,000 Worth of Marijuana Missoula County law enforcement officers confiscated 44 mature marijuana plants from a Lindbergh Lake residence Tuesday. Captain Larry Weatherman, Missoula County Sheriff's Department, said that the marijuana plants, along with "six or eight" pounds of dried marijuana, has an estimated street value of about $60,000. A Swan Valley man was arrested and taken into custody Tuesday in connection with the case. Weatherman...

  • Pandemic-era rental assistance ends

    Contributed|Mar 23, 2023

    The Montana Department of Commerce’s Montana Housing Division announced last week it will no longer accept applications for the pandemic-era Montana Emergency Rental Assistance Program (MERA) starting Friday, March 24, 2023. MERA, which began providing rental assistance to Montana households during the pandemic in 2021, reaches its end as the pandemic-era U.S. Department of the Treasury Emergency Rental Assistance program runs out of funds available to states.“Montana has stretched what funding was provided from the U.S. Treasury through ERA... Full story

  • Irish roots shine in Helmville

    Jean Pocha|Mar 23, 2023

    Helmville has Irish roots that go back five generations in many of the residents. St. Patrick's Day is celebrated with a parade, a corned beef and cabbage potluck and special music on the weekend. The parade route runs from the Post Office to the Copper Queen. Parade participants included American Legion Post #9 from Lincoln, motocross riders, Mannix Ranch, families in side-by-sides, a horse and buggy, dogs, kids and balloons. More than 70 people packed the Copper Queen for the potluck. "The...

  • Senior Center hosts annual St. Patrick's Dinner

    Asa Thomas Metcalfe - Ruth Bergen|Mar 23, 2023

    On Saturday, March 11, The Seeley Lake Senior Center had their first St. Patrick's Day Dinner since COVID-19. The buffet-style event from noon to 5 p.m., was attended by 98 people. Irish Stew, potatoes - both baked and mashed- corn beef, cabbage and carrots were served to hungry community members by volunteers and students from the Seeley-Swan High School. "I would say this is one of our better ones," said Boyd Gossard, organizer of the event. "We had really good participation. Had a lot of...

  • Potomac School set to host 19th annual bingo fundraiser

    Asa Thomas Metcalfe|Mar 23, 2023

    On May 13, the Potomac Parent Teacher Club is hosting their 19th annual Bingo fundraiser event at the Hilton Garden Inn in Missoula. The school fundraiser, which raised roughly $27,000 for the Potomac School last year, is already stocked with a wide variety of prizes from businesses in the area and will be able to host another 10 tables more than previous years. “Hopefully we sell all 65,” said Connie Ployhar, from the Parent Teacher Club. “We already sold 42.” The event started as a small local fundraiser in the Potomac Community Center,...

  • Want a good book? Raise your hand

    Terri Schlichenmeyer, The Bookworm Sez|Mar 23, 2023

    Raise your hand. That's probably one of the first things you learned when you started school. You couldn't yell for the teacher, tug on her dress or be any kind of a wild child. You had to remain civilized, calm, and orderly, and you raised your hand when you wanted attention. And in the new book, "The Teachers" by Alexandra Robbins, times sure have changed. If you close your eyes, you can remember the exact layout of your favorite teacher's classroom. Whether it was sixty years ago or two, you...

  • House Appropriations Committee looks at Medicaid budget

    Elinor Smith, UM Legislative News Service|Mar 23, 2023

    The Montana Legislature is back in the Capitol after a mid-session break and the talk is all about the state budget. The House Appropriations Committee has started chipping away at the more than 50-page bill that will decide the state budget for the next two years. Thursday, lawmakers debated the cost and budget of Montana’s Medicaid program and the services provided through it. Rep. Llew Jones, R-Conrad, is the sponsor of HB 2. The way he puts it, the committee will have to eat the elephant one bite at a time to hear, debate and amend all s... Full story

  • Public Notices

    Mar 23, 2023

    The Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) has received an aggregate take and remove permit application from LHC, Inc. The application is a request for a permit to mine, crush, and remove aggregate from State Trust Lands including a permit to have an asphalt plant on site. The area includes approximately 21 acres and is contained within the NE1/4 NE 1/4 Section 20, T15N – R14W. The pit is expected to operate intermittently based on need, providing a local aggregate resource for highway projects. The aggregate take and remove p... Full story