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Vote NO on Sewer Bonds

SEELEY LAKE - I am writing in response to Curt Friede’s letter last week. Curt has given false information regarding the Seeley Lake Sewer Project. I contacted the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) last year and asked if Seeley Lake was...

 By Troy Spence    Opinion    April 16, 2020

Consider alternatives as you vote

SEELEY LAKE - Ballots are in the mail this week. Please fill them out and sign them correctly. This is the time to vote two great candidates onto the board. Don’t let two candidates who are business owners make you subsidize the sewer for their...

 By Troy Spence    Opinion    April 2, 2020

Get the Sewer Board back in the hands of the people - Vote Morris and Gilpin

SEELEY LAKE - As I sit here waiting out the coronavirus to pass, I realize the only other thing that will kill you is the cost of a sewer in Seeley Lake. The people of Seeley need Tom Morris and Jason Gilpin on the board to clean up the corruption...

 By Troy Spence    Opinion    March 19, 2020

Morris and Gilpin have my vote for Sewer Board

In reference to Don Larson’s letter about selecting the next two new Sewer Board members and to do your homework. Well, I did some investigating for the citizens of the town and here are my findings: 1. Tom Morris is a past sewer board member who p...


Fact checking the Seeley Lake sewer

SEELEY LAKE – As you all know, I resigned from the Seeley Lake Sewer Board for multiple reasons. I couldn’t sit on a corrupt board that told lies to the people of Seeley Lake for years. The time I did serve I was bullied by the former president a...

 By Troy Spence    Opinion    April 26, 2018

Questions for Wallenburn

SEELEY LAKE - The more the sewer is the topic, the more false information is surfacing. First of all, regarding Joann Wallenburn’s letter in the April 19 issue of the Pathfinder. I would like to ask her to support her facts on the Placid Lake...

 By Troy Spence    Opinion    April 5, 2018

Fairy Tales of Seeley Lake Sewer

SEELEY LAKE – As I read the March 22 issue of the Pathfinder, I walk over to the wall and beat my head against it. I am very amazed how a board of individuals that are supposed to be representing the citizens of Seeley Lake have posted false info...

 By Troy Spence    Opinion    August 31, 2017

More Issues That Need Answers

SEELEY LAKE - Well here we go again residents of the Seeley Lake Sewer District. After attending the public meeting, I actually thought I was watching CNN but realized this was worse than that. I wrote questions that were ignored (couldn’t answer...


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