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By Troy Spence
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

More Issues That Need Answers


August 31, 2017

SEELEY LAKE - Well here we go again residents of the Seeley Lake Sewer District. After attending the public meeting, I actually thought I was watching CNN but realized this was worse than that. I wrote questions that were ignored (couldn’t answer them honestly)? This board has failed to honestly represent the town of Seeley Lake and has used the liberal approach that they are for it, if they benefit.

I have followed this sewer project since the beginning. I have spoken to past board members and have gotten the facts. They are just the opposite of what the public has been given.

The eastside water flow never reaches the lake. The three test wells were drilled through septic lines, a fuel spill and a drain field. These are the wells showing issues when other wells show clean water. There are lies that have brainwashed the backers.

Here are a few more issues that need answers:

1. Why does public vote not count after two vote-downs?

2. Why two votes for businesses and one for residences? Residences pay $71 and $109 for businesses by my calculations should be $71/$142!

3. Why have we moved away from Seeley Lake issues and now Salmon Lake is the issue? Why is the golf course not shut down for fertilizer in the aquifer that goes into Morrell Creek that then meets Salmon Lake? How are the pH and nitrates in Morrell Creek?

4. Why is it the residents’ job to get the water districts tests on the lake and post the truth for the sewer board?

5. You say all sewers in Phase 1 are leaking but can’t provide data on which.

6. Why were the votes equal for businesses and residences last October but changed for the protest?

7. Why has Cory’s Valley Market and the Motel been added to votes? Oh wait, for four votes!

Time to wake up people and see the corruption and lies being told to the landowners. Only ones that will benefit are the business owners. I believe they need to take another 20 years and read the 2,400 pages in the reports and the notes from previous board members.

So wake up Seeley and make sure you mail in the protest in October because no response is a YES for the rich.


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