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By Troy Spence
Seeley Lake, Montana 

Vote NO on Sewer Bonds


February 4, 2021

SEELEY LAKE - I am writing in response to Curt Friede’s letter last week. Curt has given false information regarding the Seeley Lake Sewer Project.

I contacted the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) last year and asked if Seeley Lake was on a watch list for sewer contaminates and the answer was NO. I asked if Seeley Lake had higher then the state law for contaminates in the water and the answer was NO. I asked if the DEQ would enforce a sewer if the project was voted down and the answer was NO. I have an email to verify this. So yes, I have done my studies on his letter.

The next thing is to ask yourself is why is there four people with multiple properties suing the Sewer District and the citizens of Seeley Lake to mandate a system? This has gone from an environmental issue to and economic issue. Should the people of Seeley Lake sign a blank check and risk losing their homes for someone else to make a profit? 

There was also a scare used that if we the people vote this down, we will be forced to pay for it ourselves. This is false because there is no mandate to where the county or state is forcing this on us. This is stated in the letter sent by the Sewer District. 

So please, don’t let the fear of people with money gaslight you into voting yes!


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