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 By Ron Cox    Opinion    October 1, 2020

I like Tom Browder

I like Tom. He has roots in our neighborhood, worked in our woods in his younger days and had a successful business career. Not only is he a full time resident of our community, he is a full time participant in our community. As a lifelong Montanan...

 By Ron Cox    Opinion    June 18, 2020

Wage war on houndstongue

Now is a very good time to attack the houndstongue noxious weed. Some plants are classified as "noxious weeds" because of some conflict with livestock or agricultural production. Houndstongue is not...

 By Ron Cox    News    May 21, 2020

Glacier lilies in bloom

Now is a chance for Seeley Lakers to see a wildflower that is not found elsewhere in Montana. The white, creme or buff colored Glacier Lilies are unique to this small area. It is only found in about a...

 By Ron Cox    News    December 19, 2019

That dammed Clearwater

Prehistoric Native American Indians referred to the main stream in our valley as Clear Water. Several impoundments now known as the "Chain Of Lakes" stilled the flow allowing sediments to settle. A...

 By Ron Cox    Opinion    February 7, 2019

Confusion reigned in dog conflict

SEELEY LAKE - This is to help clarify the recent letter by Mike McGrew titled “No Dogs Allowed” concerning conflict with dog owners printed in the Jan. 24 issue of the Seeley Swan Pathfinder. The misinformation leading to the situation was an exa...

 By Ron Cox    Opinion    January 31, 2019

If you got'em, light'em

SEELEY LAKE - That’s what our sergeant always said announcing break time in Army basic training.  It’s not 2017 but there is still some concern about smoke in our area. I live about a mile downwind of the air quality monitor. The photo above...

 By Ron Cox    Opinion    February 15, 2018

WSAs Are Still Wildlands

Some of my Wilderness-friendly friends are bent out of shape because politicians want to release Montana Wilderness Study Areas (WSA) of that status, envisioning instant clearcuts and oil fields. Concern has been expressed that the action is being...

 By Ron Cox    News    May 18, 2017

History Repeats Itself

SEELEY LAKE - During the record challenging winter of 1997, the Double Arrow Ranch barn collapsed. Coincidentally, the community had recently completed an assessment and had identified a need for a...

 By Ron Cox    News    November 10, 2016

Trail History of Seeley Lake - Second Generation Trails

SEELEY LAKE - For more than 15 years, the Seeley Lake Community Council has been working to improve the “Connecting the Community” trail network. The goal was to provide multi-use routes within the business and residential areas and connect to...

 By Ron Cox    Opinion    November 3, 2016

Trail History of Seeley Lake - First Generation Trails

SEELEY LAKE - This spot in God’s Country has always been a cross roads of trails. The Ancient Indian trail up the Blackfoot River (known as Cokahlarishkit, as Lewis rendered it, or “the River of the Road to Buffaloe,” better transcribed as Qoq...

 By Ron Cox    News    August 18, 2016

Visitors Numbers Tallied for Seeley Lake

SEELEY LAKE - The numbers have been tallied by Seeley Lake Historical Museum and Visitor Center staff for people coming through the barn door in June and July. June Visitation We counted 317 (252 last year) visitors, accounting for about 1875 (2142)...

 By Ron Cox    Opinion    July 28, 2016

Bob Marshall in Downtown Seeley

SEELEY LAKE - When I first heard about the Bob Marshall Music Festival, I wondered how the champion of wilderness and solitude would feel about using his name for that event. The long distant races would be appropriate for his legendary 50-miles...

 By Ron Cox    Opinion    July 7, 2016

Be Very Afraid

I’ve never been concerned about the chatter for transferring federal lands to the state because I always presumed those people don’t know what they are asking for. Other than being frustrated about the modern quagmire of legal challenges and...

 By Ron Cox    Opinion    June 30, 2016

It'll Take More Than Blue Paint

Recently there was an article in the Missoulian by George Ochenski suggesting a way to “enhance access to public lands” is to  “paint the corner posts on all state land sections blue.” He thinks that would make it so “any member of the...

 By Ron Cox    News    May 26, 2016

Remembering Jonkel

SEELEY LAKE - Chuck Jonkel recently passed away after a distinguish career of being recognized as one of the leading bear authorities. More than three decades ago, Jonkel made tracks in the Seeley...

 By Ron Cox    News    January 21, 2016

Cabin Fever Cures ~ Wintertime Pastimes

SEELEY LAKE - Winters with deep snows and long nights in Seeley Lake have traditionally tended to cause restlessness from being in a confined area. Some get an unhappy and impatient feeling that...


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