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By Ron Cox
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Bob Marshall in Downtown Seeley


SEELEY LAKE - When I first heard about the Bob Marshall Music Festival, I wondered how the champion of wilderness and solitude would feel about using his name for that event. The long distant races would be appropriate for his legendary 50-miles hikes with a knapsack and tennis shoes. He probably wouldn’t mind a little music. Beer??

The conflict about the festival location is a reminder that the community should pay attention and be involved in the County proposal to sell off the Drew Creek County Park located at the southeastern edge of the Double Arrow Ranch Subdivision. The County is committed to directing sale proceeds towards sites and facilities more conveniently located for the majority of Seeley Lake residents. Written comments about the proposal can be emailed to John Stegmaier ( or mailed to: Missoula County, Parks, Trails & Open Lands Attn: Drew Creek Park, 200 W. Broadway, Missoula, MT 59802

One of the goals listed in the Seeley Lake Regional Plan is to “Acquire lands dedicated for commercial recreation events (snow cross, festivals, concerts, arts & crafts fairs, flea markets, etc.).” Having a long-term, reliable location for events would offer a chance for the neighborhood to become accustomed to the situation and perhaps influence the activities.

In the good ole days there were some rollicking times in the Community Hall. But neighbors were distant and didn’t complain. The speakers of the sound system didn’t amplify the noise quite as much as do modern mega-decibel ones.

Recent past events held at musical chair locations away from the “downtown” brought grumbles from business owners that the participants were too far away from their door.

There are currently good-sized tracts that would be good locations for community outdoor events. It will behoove and benefit the community to keep the heat on the county for them to acquire a new site for residents and visitors to enjoy.


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