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By Ron Cox 

Wage war on houndstongue


Ron Cox

Houndstongue has very pretty deep purple and blue flowers. The leaves look similar to mullein at first glance but houndstongue leaves are smooth instead of "fuzzy."

Now is a very good time to attack the houndstongue noxious weed. Some plants are classified as "noxious weeds" because of some conflict with livestock or agricultural production. Houndstongue is not only legally noxious, it is very obnoxious to residential people and their dogs. Individuals may have their property scott free of the weed one year but find a new invasion the next. It spreads as fast as a virus using the neighborhood deer herd as a vector. Popular herbicides run off it like water off a duck's back. Only the high priced spread (e.g., Alligare@$50/8 oz, but it makes 30gl) is ef...

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