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Ingredients for the dragon of my mind

I am from the heavy breathing, the feet slapping the track One lap, two laps, three laps, four. And I cross the finish line I am from the woods, the trees speaking to me as they dance to the beat of...


Stream Wishing Within a Knight's Heart in Dragon's Valley

I sit near Morrell Creek trying to think of a prompt I hear a name that the water whispers to me and allows my Imagination to fly on the wings of my broken heart And my eyes see the scales that are...

Mitch Parcell, Seeley-Swan High School Grade 11

School Shooting: Is the issue muscle or your mind?

What do you think causes school shootings? Do people hit a breaking point that just sends them over the edge? Or is it that they are "mental" and just missed their medication timeline? Not a lot of...


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