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By Mitch Parcell
Seeley-Swan High School Grade 11 

School Shooting: Is the issue muscle or your mind?

Junior Journal

Mitch Parcell, Seeley-Swan High School Grade 11

Mitch Parcell, Seeley-Swan High School Grade 11

What do you think causes school shootings? Do people hit a breaking point that just sends them over the edge? Or is it that they are "mental" and just missed their medication timeline? Not a lot of people go through the tragedy of school shootings, and hopefully not many will but most brush the person's actions off.

Why is it that when adults ask questions, we the teenagers, usually say 'you don't understand'? They ask us to explain and we don't know how to explain all the pressures on us. We don't know all the problems that many teenagers face everyday: bullying, abuse, depression, to nam...

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