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  • Thank you for the help

    Douglas Waldron, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Dec 20, 2018

    This letter of thanks goes out to the five men and three women, along with two Missoula County Sheriff’s Deputies for rendering me aid on Highway 200 Dec. 11, 2018 after my vehicle broke down from overheating and stopped running. The first man who stopped was a retired law enforcement officer from Oregon on his way to visit people in Ovando. Except for the two Sheriff’s Office officers, I knew none of the other eight people who assisted me in calling the towing company. All stopped on their own goodwill to help a stranded motorist. Not hav...

  • What is news in Seeley Lake?

    Douglas Waldron, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Sep 6, 2018

    After reading last week’s Pathfinder, page 2, OPINION Editor’s Note Headline: What is news in Seeley Lake? Story Andi & Nathan Bourne – Pathfinder Staff…It sure makes me wonder if most people in Seeley Lake read only what they’re looking for each week. How much dirt did ??? Find on??? This week? Oh yeah, this week most by-passed the above OPINION and went right away to the throat article, believing there would be one, of our Seeley Lake Ranger. Allow me to ask this question. Before Andi and Nathan Bourne took over the Pathfinder does anyone rec...

  • Deepest Respect - Thank You!

    Douglas Waldron, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Mar 22, 2018

    Driving home Saturday, March 17, I spun out maybe 60 yards up my driveway. As I was sliding backward, my vehicle spun sideways and got stuck in that position boxed in by snowbanks. I made a call to Clearwater Towing to get me out. As I was standing outside my vehicle, I noticed a pickup truck coming up my drive. A man, his wife and black lab stopped. “I saw you were in trouble when we were driving by on the highway (83). I might be able to help you get your vehicle out.” I was stunned that anyone could even see me sideways in my driveway hal...

  • Learning How to Forgive

    Douglas Waldron, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Oct 6, 2016

    While reading the “Editor’s Note, Remembering Mr. Nelson by Nathan Bourne” in the Sept. 29, 2016 edition of the Pathfinder it took me back to the start of my freshman year in high school. My elementary school was a good eight miles from our high school, so relationship with the high school was more so attending sporting events. Starting high school, I signed up for football and basketball, which meant I had to hitch a ride home after practice. My enrollment into the basketball team was to say the least, nothing but hell. It seems, not menti...

  • ABC/Fox Sports and Griz Football Congratulated

    Douglas Waldron, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Nov 12, 2015

    MISSOULA - I am writing to congratulate ABC/Fox Sports Missoula for giving us a special treat for the Griz game played Saturday, Nov. 7. Not only did they give us a great game but what a special treat to have such knowledgeable people calling the game. Former Griz Coach Mick Delaney and Chris Byers in the booth and Shaun Rainey on the field. Not only were we given an easy listening to and understanding commentary to the game itself but also information about certain players and game strategy. Most importantly, they were always calm, cool and...