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By Douglas Waldron
Seeley Lake, Mont. 

What is news in Seeley Lake?


September 6, 2018

After reading last week’s Pathfinder, page 2, OPINION Editor’s Note Headline: What is news in Seeley Lake? Story Andi & Nathan Bourne – Pathfinder Staff…It sure makes me wonder if most people in Seeley Lake read only what they’re looking for each week. How much dirt did ??? Find on??? This week? Oh yeah, this week most by-passed the above OPINION and went right away to the throat article, believing there would be one, of our Seeley Lake Ranger.

Allow me to ask this question. Before Andi and Nathan Bourne took over the Pathfinder does anyone recall what you were left with to read? I recall a Pathfinder with what? Possibly eight pages of worthless goobly-gook? No pictures, nothing but trash… wondering… who put whatever this is I’m reading together? Most to all weeks no pictures, NO Editor’s Notes, no communication with its readers?

Folks, Andi is handing us a great gift. We here in Seeley Lake today have got to be one of the most blessed with ‘our’ local small-town paper, I dare to SAY, compared to any other small- town paper in Montana. Dig out your copy of the Pathfinder and read usually on page 2 “LETTERS TO THE EDITOR-POLICY,” just for starts. Communicating closer with Andi and or Nathan, depending on your article. Dig out - if you ever cared to save a past issue - Andi’s explanation, of possibility finding means for the Pathfinder to implement ways with their readers (US) for healthier and meaningful communications and opinions?

Think about it? It’s not difficult folks, if we put our minds to it. Let’s stop being so determined of being right, and being judgmental of others. There is someone who handles that for us; if you get my drift. After all, HE’s allowing us to handle our own issues, so?

Let’s start handling business under HIS rules, allowing us to work closer with Andi and Nathan, and our neighbors, for a better Seeley Lake would be a great start. As my mom use to tell all eleven of us kids, the next time you point your finger at someone, like you’re holding a gun, slowing bend your index finger slowly to the left. And we all might want to ‘read and remember’ Luke 10:25-37.

Thank you.


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