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  • Fire Board candidates have their say at Seeley Lake Community Council meeting

    Asa Thomas Metcalfe|Apr 20, 2023

    Seeley Lake Rural Fire District Board candidates sparred in a short open forum discussion at the Seeley Lake Community Council meeting on Monday, April 10. Each candidate was given a short time to introduce themself and explain why they are running for the fire board seat as well as explain a little bit of their platform and proposed changes. "This has been a long-term life commitment to fire and medical because it's one of the ways I give back to the community," said Scott Kennedy, the...

  • Roundabout at Clearwater Junction won't become a reality for at least four years

    Jean Pocha|Apr 20, 2023

    "The design process for the Clearwater Roundabout is ongoing, said Kristine Fife, of Big Sky Public Relations. "Don't expect construction for at least four to five years." Although public opinion from an informal social media survey is high against roundabouts, roundabouts successfully reduce traffic accidents and fatalities in their locations. Roundabouts keep traffic moving during off-peak times, rather than having a lone car sitting at a red light. "Speed limits don't get very good...

  • Easter scavenger hunt brings in the prizes

    Gwyneth Hyndman|Apr 20, 2023

    Between 200 and 300 kids turned out for the annual Seeley Lake Easter Lions Club Easter Scavenger Hunt last weekend, as youngsters set off in search around 2,500 eggs stuffed with candy and prize tickets. Above are the top prize winners with Seeley Lake Lions Club member Cheryl Lewis. From right: First place prize went to Mia Trevino, Grade 5; second place prize went to Eli Ford, also Grade 5; and third place prize went to Jakob Duran, Grade 7....

  • Op-Ed: Nanny politics are a bad excuse to raid habitat funds

    Jesse Mullen|Apr 20, 2023

    The Montana Legislature is pushing through two house bills, both co-sponsored by area representative John Fitzpatrick, that fundamentally alter the way marijuana tax monies are allocated in direct opposition to the will of the voters. HB 462 and HB 669 steal $15.8 million from wildlife habitat acquisition that Montana voters overwhelmingly approved when they passed I-190 in 2020. Montana's libertarian lean is under attack by well-meaning but ultimately destructive politicos claiming to know what...

  • Jay William Lapka, 1958-2023

    Apr 20, 2023

    Jay William Lapka passed away on April 11, 2023 at 64 years of age. He died at home with his family . He was born on October 4, 1958, in Leola, South Dakota to George and Leona Lapka. Jay was born with Downs Syndrome. He did go to a school in Aberdeen for a while but Jay was not meant to be a scholar. When he was eleven he moved with his family to Montana. It was there in the Swan Valley that his brother John taught him to chop wood. He became a champion wood chopper. He was still chopping wood... Full story

  • Celebrating Earth Day… the Christian Way

    Michelle Jenkins, Sycamore Tree Catholic Retreat Center|Apr 20, 2023

    So, how are you going to celebrate Earth Day? Many Americans may have a suspicious attitude toward celebrating what some see as a “hippie holiday” or a political statement against anyone who doesn’t embrace a 100% “Green” lifestyle. As devoted Christians, some of us might struggle with expressions of “Environmental Spiritualism”; i.e., treating the Earth as if it were God or another type of deity. As a Catholic convert, and once-upon-a-time unbeliever and ardent environmentalist, I have progressed from an attitude of “environmental spiritualism... Full story

  • Missoula County Sheriff's Log

    Apr 20, 2023

    April 6 – April 13 4/6 11:01 a.m., 293XX HWY 200E Suspicious Activity 4/7 2:08 p.m., 2XX School Lane, Seeley Lake Disorderly Conduct 4/9 12:51 p.m., 6XX Juniper Drive, Seeley Lake Burglary 4/12 7:23 a.m., HWY 200 E Accident, no Injury 4/12 12:48 p.m., 7XX Pine Drive, Seeley Lake Civil... Full story

  • Seeley Lake Rural Fire District Call Log

    Apr 20, 2023

    4/6 Illegal Burn, Dolly Varden Drive 4/7 Medical, School Lane... Full story

  • Bournes missed by reader

    Apr 20, 2023

    Dear Editor I miss Andi and Nathan’s Pathfinder, but I do accept their need to move on. I debated whether to renew my subscription. I did, but it’s conditional. Please, it must remain local, not piecemeal with articles and contributions that are not relevant to the area which seems to be the new Pathfinder standard. And thank you Vicki Voegelin for your well written and to the point letter in the 13 April edition. Carleen Gonder Seeley Lake, MT... Full story

  • In Regards to the Elbow Lake Gravel Pit

    Apr 20, 2023

    Dear Editor, Elbow Lake is located on the Clearwater River, just over three miles north of Clearwater Junction. The stretch of the Clearwater below Elbow Lake and before the confluence with the Blackfoot River is a unique and peaceful trout fishing spot with relatively easy access for fishermen and women in the area. The surrounding area is an important wildlife corridor and also a serene environment for hikers and others who enjoy the outdoors. LHC, Inc. is seeking to use 21 acres of land adjacent to Elbow Lake and the Clearwater for a gravel... Full story

  • Frustration with fire board

    Apr 20, 2023

    Dear Editor, I have been attending the Seeley Lake Fire Board meetings for several years now. I am frustrated with lack of transparency, no discussion at the board meetings when issues are brought up, unless they are known ahead of time. When people come to express their concerns, several times they are directed to speak to the fire chief for answers. Good qualified people have been denied a spot to be a volunteer...why? The board has no control over anything but the financial side. They are not privy to any of the operating procedures. As I ha... Full story

  • Transparency for change, Vote Susan Monahan May 2

    Apr 20, 2023

    Dear Editor, First, in my response to Scott Kennedy’s letter printed last week, I am not running for the Seeley Lake Rural Fire District. Susan Monahan is. She is running against the incumbents on a platform to bring change to the board with a fresh outlook, a different skill-set, curiosity and willingness to ask questions and get answers instead of hearsay. I’m advocating for the change Monahan supports based on her knowledge of Open Meeting Law, her experience with budgeting, collections, insurance and willingness to listen. I encourage you t... Full story

  • Op-Ed: A conflicted nature of legacy and memory

    Asa Thomas Metcalfe|Apr 20, 2023

    When I was seven years old, my great-grandmother died. I had been told that she was dying, so it wasn’t a sudden event and as my mother sat deeply into her squatting legs in the twilight morning and woke me so many hours before school, I knew what she was going to say. “Grandma Virginia is dead.” I rolled over and cried. I cried for the woman who taught me to crochet; for the frail woman in long dresses whom I remembered from summers in Oklahoma. I cried because I felt that I was supposed to. But the truth about Virginia Tally is more compl...

  • Archives

    Apr 20, 2023

    Pathfinder Archives April 20, 2023 1988 Highway 83 Widening Being Planned If all goes well, starting about 1993 much of Highway 83 will be widened from its current 24 feet to 28 feet (two 12-foot lanes and two 2-foot shoulders), According to Bob Lajoie of the state highway department, four separate projects are being considered for widening the highway. If completed, the projects would result in a 65-mile continuous stretch of widened roadway, starting at Clearwater Junction. Company's... Full story

  • Upcoming workshops to discuss succession planning

    Apr 20, 2023

    Forest landowners and agricultural producers are invited to attend two upcoming workshops on succession planning. The “Ties to the Land” workshops, sponsored by the Montana Forest Stewardship Foundation, are scheduled separately for May 6 in Helena and May 13 in Kalispell. Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is co-sponsoring the Kalispell workshop. Forest landowners, farmers, and ranchers are invited to participate in the workshops. Cost is $50 for the first family member and $10 for each additional family member. Seating is limited to 25 peo... Full story

  • Weekly Covid reports to end

    Apr 20, 2023

    The Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS) announced today that with the federal Public Health Emergency ending on May 11, the agency plans to discontinue the weekly updates to the COVID-19 case tracking and vaccine dashboards. The last update to the dashboards will take place on May 5, and they will subsequently no longer be available online after July 14. In addition, DPHHS will no longer publish the monthly COVID-19 Monthly Epi Profile and vaccination reports. May 5 will be the last time these reports will be... Full story

  • FWP asks commission to initiate rule-making process on grizzly bear management

    Apr 20, 2023

    Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks is looking for approval from the Fish and Wildlife Commission to move forward with a rule making process on administrative rules that address state management of grizzly bears. The request comes as the Montana Legislature considers Senate Bill 295. The bill would further clarify how Montana will manage grizzly bears once they are removed from the Endangered Species Act (ESA). Specifically, SB 295 speaks to issues of human safety, conflict with livestock, and genetic exchange between grizzly bear recovery areas.... Full story

  • Gathering together

    Gwyneth Hyndman|Apr 20, 2023

    The annual Fur Dinner was held at Ovando's The Stray Bullet back in February. The only requirements was to wear a fur item and have a great time. The annual Fur Dinner location has been in Seeley Lake, Potomac, Lincoln and Ovando as a way to promote fur and trapping in Montana....

  • Celebrating the Easter spirit in Seeley Lake

    Apr 20, 2023