Frustration with fire board

Dear Editor,

I have been attending the Seeley Lake Fire Board meetings for several years now. I am frustrated with lack of transparency, no discussion at the board meetings when issues are brought up, unless they are known ahead of time. When people come to express their concerns, several times they are directed to speak to the fire chief for answers. Good qualified people have been denied a spot to be a volunteer...why? The board has no control over anything but the financial side. They are not privy to any of the operating procedures. As I have been told. The Chief runs the show and only asks for help if needed. We need to set term limits. We need new voices and new ideas. With all the above being said I am very grateful for the volunteers and all of the hard work that they do to keep our community safe. My concerns have nothing to do with them.

More of our community need to become involved and attend these meetings, which lasts all of 15 to 20 minutes. Things are not always as good as what they sound.

Thank you,

Shirley Goudzwaard

Seeley Lake, MT


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