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  • Contacting elementary school superintendent candidates

    Steven L. Thompson, Seeley Lake|May 9, 2024

    A recent Pathfinder article announced the selection of a new superintendent at the elementary school. Subsequent information indicated that the candidate declined the contract offer and the second of three interviewed candidates was offered the position. Whoever moves into the position, I wish them all the success in the world. What was disturbing to me was that the third of the three interviewees had to read the Pathfinder article to learn he had not been selected. He was not contacted by any member of the school board or their...

  • Weather alert for Seeley-Swan region

    Steven L. Thompson, Seeley Lake, Montana|Jan 28, 2021

    “According to the Seeley Weather Alert Network for the Swan (SWANS), the normal winter weather patterns for the Seeley/Swan area have failed to practice ‘social distancing, mask wearing and hand sanitizing’ per DPHHS, CDC and COVID-19 protocols. Actually, how do you sanitize a snow cloud???? As a result, based on preliminary laboratory test results, the normal Seeley-Swan snowflakes have been tested as COVID-19 positive. As a result, most of those normal, crazy, fun, fluffy snow crystals that fall out of the sky on a VERY regular basis, have...

  • There is a New Educator in Town

    Steven L. Thompson, Avalanche Instructor|Jan 14, 2016

    SEELEY LAKE - Imagine you are with a group of five friends on a snowmobiling outing in the Seeley Lake area. The weatherman has just blessed your group with 12 inches of "cold smoke" and everyone is having a wonderful time. Then, the unthinkable happens and an avalanche swallows everyone in your group except you. It is up to you and your skill set to find and save your friends who will likely die of suffocation in 15 minutes. That scenario is a nightmarish possibility for anyone who skis,...