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  • Vote for Mike Hopkins - A proven performer

    Mike Davis, Turah, Mont.|Nov 1, 2018

    I am not generally that politically active but this year I feel compelled to react to House District 92’s race between Lee Bridges and Mike Hopkins. Some political views between the two are similar. Woman’s rights and reproductive rights, job training and the preservation of our environment are top priorities for both candidates. But there are some huge differences like gun rights. Hopkins is a strict believer in the Constitution, he will protect your rights, all your rights. He has an A rating with the NRA. Bridges says she has guns and may...

  • Let's Protect Our Natural Resource – Water- Seeley Lake

    Mike Davis, Kalispell, Mont.|Sep 14, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - Seeley Lake is the water supply to much of the town, community and others draw water from the lake or the surrounding community aquifer. So, let’s “cowboy up” to our responsibility of protecting it now and for future generations. Let’s support the construction of a community sewer system. We have owned a cabin on the lake for 50+ years and we certainly understand the need for clean lake water and drinking water. We continue to enjoy and appreciate the Seeley Lake community; we have worked on community projects, we support the Com...