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By Mike Davis
Turah, Mont. 

Vote for Mike Hopkins - A proven performer


November 1, 2018

I am not generally that politically active but this year I feel compelled to react to House District 92’s race between Lee Bridges and Mike Hopkins.

Some political views between the two are similar. Woman’s rights and reproductive rights, job training and the preservation of our environment are top priorities for both candidates. But there are some huge differences like gun rights.

Hopkins is a strict believer in the Constitution, he will protect your rights, all your rights. He has an A rating with the NRA.

Bridges says she has guns and maybe if she approves of your guns you can kee...

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Reader Comments

LeeBridges writes:

This paid ad is from a disgruntled vendor. This vendor dropped my equipment on delivery 5 years ago and then denied my damage claim. I had to sue him, and he lost. This is his way of expressing his loss. Everything in his ad is erroneous and fabricated. I’m not going to take the bait and respond in kind. That’s not how I roll. I’m proud of my campaign and my team. My grassroots campaign started as a listening tour in March. I’ve heard the prominent concerns of the residents in our rural District; keeping Public Lands Public, affordable and accessible Healthcare, Mitigating Wildland Fire risk to health, safety, and property, Quality Public Education and employment opportunities. Building Bridges to Common Ground – That IS my message in this divisive political landscape! While respecting our differences, let’s work together on our core values for sensible legislation to solve our issues. Lee Bridges Candidate for House District 92 East Missoula

HOlson writes:

Aren't you the fella who lost in court to Bridges five years ago? Get over it already.


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