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 By Matt Hart    Opinion    October 19, 2023

Two prongs of grizzly conservation: habitat protection, conflict prevention

Fall is never a dull time in grizzly country, and this year the season seems to have brought a particularly steady stream of incidents between bears and people. From run-ins with hunters high in the...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    December 9, 2021

New protections for wetland habitat near Condon

Grizzly bears in the Mission and Swan mountains have likely entered their dens for the winter, but an important habitat linkage for the species will remain conserved as open space next spring-and for...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    August 19, 2021

Can coexistence keep up with the bears?

Grizzly bears are not stationary creatures. With a range that historically stretched from the Pacific Coast across the Great Plains, bears evolved to thrive on many landscapes. Individual grizzlies...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    March 11, 2021

Public access and wildlife connectivity maintained

Before the pandemic, 2019 saw Glacier National Park host more than three million visitors. In 2020, Montana's housing market boomed, with a recent Housing Heat Index report from Bankrate ranking the...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    October 15, 2020

Protecting grizzly country near the Gateways to Glacier

Grizzly bears are highly intelligent, but as far as we know they can't read maps. When a bear living in Glacier National Park sets out in search of food or a mate, it doesn't know when it crosses the...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    May 30, 2019

Keeping bears and people safe

Each spring, there's a subset of grizzly bears that act like teenagers cut loose from home for the first time. With mother bears turning their attention to mating or younger cubs, the two- or...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    January 3, 2019

Protecting a bridge to the Bitterroots

When a federal judge returned grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone area to the threatened species list in September, he cited the bears' fragmented range in the lower 48 states as one of his...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    July 12, 2018

Orphan Grizzlies Find New Home in Quebec

MISSOULA – Three grizzly bear cubs orphaned in Montana in June will have a new home. We can only hope they don't mind cold winters and the sound of French. As conservation biologists embarked on an...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    January 18, 2018

New Conservation Partners Extend Vital Ground's Conflict Reduction Goals

Grizzly bears are on the move. In the last year, we've seen more and more evidence of grizzly travel beyond the borders of original recovery zones. As the Great Bear reconnects its fragmented range,...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    August 10, 2017

Vital Ground, Nature Conservancy Team Up on North Fork Flathead Easement

A property that helped turn Montana's North Fork Flathead River Valley into a conservation stronghold is changing hands but remaining wild. The Vital Ground Foundation has teamed up with The Nature Co...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    March 9, 2017

Long-Term Vision: Connecting Vital Ground for Grizzlies

Connectivity-it's a hot buzzword when it comes to wildlife. But what does it really mean? At The Vital Ground Foundation, connectivity shapes our organizational vision. A dozen years ago, when the...

 By Matt Hart    Opinion    October 6, 2016

Beyond Beverages: How Coffee and Wine Help Grizzly Bears

Merlot or Syrah? French roast or Colombian? A grizzly bear might not know the difference, but that doesn't mean wine and coffee can't make a big difference for the iconic species. Look no further...


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