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 By Lynn Carey    Opinion    November 4, 2021

Fed up with approach to the Post Office?

To my fellow citizens of Seeley Lake, How many of you are fed up with the approach to the Post Office parking lot? Here is where to complain: Montana Department of Transportation PO Box 7039 Missoula, MT 59807-7039 406-523-5800 Remember the squeaky...

 By Lynn Carey    Opinion    June 25, 2020

Listen to your own advice and chill out

I noticed in last week’s Pathfinder in letters to the editor that several people felt that Mr. Ashmore was trying to infringe on Roxie’s first amendment rights. I think one of them even offered the advice, if you did not like her letter, don’t...

 By Lynn Carey    Opinion    May 21, 2020

The national divide

I saw this on social media and thought it spoke to the divide in our nation. “How sad it must be believing that scientists, scholars, historians, economists and journalists have devoted their entire lives to deceiving you while a reality TV star...


When will the work start?

I thought I would comment on the news coming out of Washington, D.C. I see that our corruption-fighting president has pardoned seven white-collar criminals. He also commuted the sentences of four more white-collar criminals. I assume this must be...

 By Lynn Carey    Opinion    February 2, 2017

Thoughts on the Speed Limit Change

SEELEY LAKE - I read with interest the article about the speed limits through town. Now I was totally out of the loop as to the where fore, what fore of the speed limit change. I would like to offer a few thoughts I have on the subject. I have no...


American Lands Council – Best Interest for Montana or Front for Special Interest Groups?

SWAN VALLEY – Tuesday, Sept. 20 I attended the meeting at the Condon Community Center. The American Land Council presented their reasons for the transfer of Federal land to State control. The representatives Jennifer Fielder and Kerry White put for...


Forest Service Complexity Requires Us to Work Together

SEELEY LAKE - I would like to comment on the resent articles in the Missoulian concerning the problems within the Forest Service (“Recreation, Heritage & Wilderness” by Rob Chaney in the Feb. 7 issue


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