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  • All politics is local

    Lee Bridges Candidate for HD92, East Missoula, Mont.|Nov 1, 2018

    All politics is local. Let’s use my marriage to my husband and best friend, for example. We’re not exactly the same; we have our differences, but just like our neighbors, we have far more in common than we have differences. We work out our differences with discussion, listening, negotiations and compromises. The process makes us creative and the outcome gives us an inspiring, collaborating relationship. There’s no “winner takes all”; instead, it’s a process of compromise between two cooperating parties. On some matters, we can simply agre...

  • Voting, the Strongest Power we have in our Democracy

    Lee Bridges Candidate for HD92, East Missoula, Mont.|Nov 1, 2018

    Over the past decades, campaigns have gotten increasingly vicious, claiming unsubstantiated falsehoods to sway voters. Timing is everything and deceptive ads appear in the last days and hours before the election to influence voters. It’s gotten so out of hand that Montana has enacted the Clean Campaign Act. Part of the reason I’ve chosen to run is to change the level of civility we have in our government. In general, we need to improve how we treat each other. We’ve lost sight in this country of the fact we are the employers of the peopl...

  • Thank you HD92

    Lee Bridges Candidate for HD92, East Missoula, Mont.|Oct 25, 2018

    Thank you, residents of House District 92! You have graciously welcomed me at your homes and at all the many events I have attended this past year. I am a hardworking, blue collar worker and public servant. I live in House District 92 and have for 35 years, while my opponent does not. I understand our issues and I am proud to run on my own merits, listening to all sides of the issues with everyone in my District, regardless of party affiliation. By listening to everyone, without passing judgment, I find we have much more in common than we have...

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