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By Lee Bridges Candidate for HD92
East Missoula, Mont. 

All politics is local


November 1, 2018

All politics is local. Let’s use my marriage to my husband and best friend, for example. We’re not exactly the same; we have our differences, but just like our neighbors, we have far more in common than we have differences. We work out our differences with discussion, listening, negotiations and compromises. The process makes us creative and the outcome gives us an inspiring, collaborating relationship. There’s no “winner takes all”; instead, it’s a process of compromise between two cooperating parties. On some matters, we can simply agree to disagree. Shouldn’t that be how we run our government?

Let’s focus on what we have in common and legislate accordingly, rather than make non-partisan issues partisan. Representing our District 92, to me, means representing the people in it...not just the parties.

Your thoughts and ideas are important to me. It’s been a pleasure meeting with all of you at our local events and one on one at the door. Regardless of your party, whether you’re a Republican, Independent, or Democrat, if I win this seat on Election Day, I’ll be representing Everyone!

Our District is very independent and people don’t like being put into a box. Let’s Build Bridges to Common Ground on the issues, by listening to each other, discussing the various sides, negotiating for the common good and then compromising. In this divisive political environment, you can’t please all the people all the time but you can please most of the people, most of the time. Let’s try that for a change.

The best way you can help make that change is to get out and talk to your neighbors, seek out what you have in common. Once you have established common ground on an issue, those ‘uncomfortable conversations’ on differences are far more constructive.

We live in a democracy. Let’s make it work!

As the House District 92 candidate who lives in our District, I understand the needs and concerns of our rural communities. I’ve been running a grassroots campaign on my own merits, having lived, worked and recreated in our District for 35 years.

Please exercise your right to Vote and build bridges to common ground to this divisive political climate. I would appreciate your VOTE in this election! Thank you!

Lee Bridges

Candidate for HD 92


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