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 By Karen Laitala    Opinion    July 11, 2019

New invasive grass invades Montana

Noxious weeds have destructive impacts on Montana's landscape including displacing native plant species, increasing soil erosion and decreasing wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities....


Invasive mustards: Hoary alyssum, perennial pepperweed and whitetop

While the unusually wet spring was beneficial to native and desirable grasses and wildflowers, many weed species took advantage of the excellent growing conditions as well. Annual mustards with...


Managing Weeds After Wildfires

The effects of wildfires on plants will vary, depending upon fire intensity and specific plant characteristics. Many plant species will survive and reinitiate growth soon after a fire. However, the ability of desirable plants to reestablish, reseed...


Treating Weeds with Herbicides under Drought Conditions

Weed management is highly impacted by high temperatures combined with low and variable precipitation. Hot weather and drought affect the germination, growth, hardiness and competitive ability of both desirable plants and weeds. Many weeds, once...

 By Karen Laitala    Opinion    May 5, 2016

The Story of Houndstongue

Houndstongue, a plant native to Western Europe to central Asia, is highly invasive in character outside of its native range. Present throughout much of North America and now a common rangeland,...

 By Karen Laitala    News    November 5, 2015

Three New Invasive Plants Added to State Noxious Weed List

The State of Montana updated the Montana State Noxious Weed List to include three new plants, and shifted the priority of three weeds on the previous list, effective July, 2015. The updated list provides management priorities for citizens, land...


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