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 By John Rice    Opinion    July 2, 2020

Open Federal lands or give management over to the state

That was a great article in the Thursday, June 18 issue of the Pathfinder by Dale Terrillion on “Public Lands”. It seems the government forgets who owns and pays taxes to support public lands. I don’t understand why disabled groups, senior citi...

 By John Rice    Opinion    May 14, 2020

Government should stay out of business

Our Governor Steve Bullock has made an error in judgment with his decision to force Montana landlords into canceling evictions and extending rental payments. What Bullock fails to realize is that although most tenants will eventually pay the rents...

 By John Rice    Opinion    April 16, 2020

Government regulations inhibit handyman services

We now have many Montanans wanting to work to support their families but in my opinion are prohibited from doing so by intrusive government regulations. Private homeowners and landlords in Montana that need to have maintenance work done and now...

 By John Rice    Opinion    February 20, 2020

More handymen would be win-win for Montana

The task force the governor has created to protect Montana’s workers, businesses and taxpayers sounds good on paper but sometimes good intentions end up hurting our poor and less fortunate at the expense of protecting the more affluent. Other than...

 By John Rice    Opinion    November 7, 2019

Reopen National Forest Service roads

In response to Seeley Swan Pathfinder’s Oct. 24 article titled “Illegal access to Forest Service roads needs community solution” as requested by Seeley Lake District Ranger Quinn Carver. The solution is as per my previous discussion with Mr....

 By John Rice    Opinion    August 30, 2018

Real changes must be made at the top

Kudos to Curtis Friede and his petition to remove the current Ranger of the Seeley Lake Ranger District and hopefully any others in the National Forest Service responsible for recent decisions made by the United State Forest Service. However, anyone...

 By John Rice    Opinion    July 19, 2018

Agencies Working for Job Protection

What does the U.S. Forest Service, the Environmental Protection Agency and the Army Corp of Engineers all have in common? They are all involved in job protection regardless of the cost to the U.S. taxpayer. We all know about the Forest Service and...

 By John Rice    Opinion    March 1, 2018

Cut the Fat, Streamline the USFS and Make It Accountable

With respect to US Forest Service Regional Forester Leanne Martin’s Editorial request for an open checkbook for mismanagement of our national forest. One thing about our National Forest Service employees, they have more guts than government mules....

 By John Rice    Opinion    December 7, 2017

View on the Seeley Lake Sewer

SEELEY LAKE - I have been asked my views on the Seeley Lake Sewer. They are very simple and one we all know to be true. Government is notorious for creating fear to motivate folks into doing something their common sense would ordinarily dictate...

 By John Rice    Opinion    September 7, 2017

Go Blow Your Horn

I am really getting tired of all the advertisements about all the good things our good old Montana boy Jon Tester is doing for Montana. Anytime I hear a politician continually blowing their horn I get suspicious. That`s certainly is the case with...

 By John Rice    Opinion    August 17, 2017

Don't Just Let It Burn

Having just read Professor Fernanda Santos letter in the Aug. 10 Missoulian entitled “Some Wildfires Simply Cannot Be Fought.” I think Fernando’s letter sounds just like articles written by most National Forest Service people. In other words, t...

 By John Rice    Opinion    April 13, 2017

Year Round Wheeled Vehicle Access on Cottonwood Lakes Road – Appeal to the Court of Public Opinion

SEELEY LAKE - On March 16, a meeting was held at the U.S. Forest Service (USFS) Office in Missoula to discuss the issue of whether the Rice Family should have vehicular use of the Cottonwood Lake Road for year around access to their property. Those...

 By John Rice    Opinion    March 30, 2017

Stand Up to Mismanagement and Demand Change

That was a great guest column article by Senator Fred Thomas in the March 21 edition of the Missoulian. Senator Thomas was right on target with respect to mismanagement of our public lands by the Federal Government and the tremendous waste created...

 By John Rice    Opinion    February 2, 2017

Response to "Not My Land"

SEELEY LAKE - In response to the recent letter to the Pathfinder Editor dated Jan. 19, 2017 entitled Not My Land by Roxie Sterling. My family also has a long history here with a grandfather who ran a stagecoach and later became sheriff of Missoula...

 By John Rice    Opinion    January 5, 2017

Shame on Commissioners

SEELEY LAKE - The Missoula County Commissioners have refused to give aid in preventing a gravel pit and asphalt plant that has been purposed for property on the Cottonwood Lakes Road. The Commissioners don’t seem to have any problem with these...

 By John Rice    Opinion    December 29, 2016

Seeley Lake Ranger District Not Addressing Safety and Environmental Threat

SEELEY LAKE - I recently read in the Dec. 8 edition of the Pathfinder a considerably lengthy article by Seeley Lake Ranger Rachel Feigley concerning all the good work and cooperation of the National Forest Service. So, I am left somewhat confused as...


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