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  • You owe more money

    Jan Lombardi, Seeley Lake and Helena Montana|Feb 22, 2024

    Well, the next step in your residential property tax increase is happening. Banks are sending updated "mortgage bills" to homeowners. Guess what? You owe more money! Recently, a young friend reached out, concerned about his $100 monthly mortgage increase and he didn't know why. That's a lot of money — $1,200 a year. Drumroll for the explanation. Since the bill comes from the bank, it's the lender's fault, right? Nope. By law, a residential mortgage statement must show the escrow portion — the amount you pay for insurance and taxes for your hom...

  • Are you happy about your new property tax bill?

    Jan Lombardi, Seeley Lake|Dec 7, 2023

    I’m definitely not. Everywhere I go, people are grumbling about how much their property taxes increased. But if you think nobody is happy, you’re wrong. Governor Gianforte and the Republican legislative supermajority raised our property taxes. Yep, it’s true, and it was intentional. Sure, taxes are complicated, and we pay them because we have to. So, you might be asking an obvious question, like I did: Why in the heck would Republican leadership want homeowners to pay more in their property tax bill? The answer is simple math -- the gover...

  • Rebate process adds red tape

    Jan Lombardi, Seeley Lake|Aug 31, 2023

    OK, armed and ready, I sat down with a computer, a postcard and letter from Governor Gianforte and two letters from his Revenue Department on how to get a property tax rebate. Logged on to website and bonk – What’s a geocode? Frustrated, I set the paperwork aside. Days later, thought I’d try again and Googled, “What is a Montana Geocode?” Good ole Google took me to a website with four pages of instructions on how to get the code necessary to complete an application for a tax rebate. Adding more paperwork to the pile, I found the 17-digit...

  • New generation of leadership with Whitney Williams

    Jan Lombardi, Helena, Mont.|May 21, 2020

    As someone who has spent my career in the private sector, nonprofit sector and two decades in public service for the state of Montana, including working for Governor Brian Schweitzer, I am supporting Whitney Williams for Governor and her running mate Buzz Mattelin. As a team they bring exactly what I believe Montana needs to move forward at this very difficult time. Whitney and Buzz are leaders and problem solvers with vast experience in Montana and beyond. They will consider the needs of all of Montana, including small and rural towns often...

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