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  • Keeping winter activities alive

    Garry Swain|Mar 14, 2024

    The winter of 2023/2024 brought a ton of sunshine and blue skies to Seeley Lake, and it also brought a ton of challenges for the ROCKS team as we struggled to keep our winter recreational areas functional and fun. No strangers to adversity, we who rely so heavily on the weather, everyone persevered. While our winter activities looked a wee bit different from normal years, we skated and we skied whenever we could. As we maintained the yurt with the Nordic Ski Club, we marveled at the ingenuity with which they forged ahead with a paltry amount...

  • ROCKS for everyone

    Garry Swain, ROCKS|Apr 6, 2023

    by Garry Swain President ROCKS While it may seem like winter is never going to end for us here in the snow belt of Seeley Lake, the ROCKS crew is looking ahead to the next set of springtime duties. With all the recreational opportunities available to us in this area, we are never at a loss for things to keep the team occupied. The warmer afternoons have made a puddle of the ice rink, so our tasks there are now about cleaning up the shed, organizing the skates and figuring out a good time to take down the boards for another season. This was the... Full story

  • ROCKS rocks winter season

    Garry Swain, ROCKS President|Nov 24, 2022

    Snow and cold weather brought an early start to the winter outdoor activities season here in Seeley Lake. The ROCKS team is in high gear helping the Nordic ski group ready the yurt for the cross country skiing season and getting the ice skating rink ready for flooding. It doesn't seem like a coincidence that I'm writing this just as Thanksgiving descends upon a snowy white Seeley Lake, because this year I'm feeling especially thankful about many things, not the least of which is the Canadian...

  • Changing with the seasons

    Garry Swain, President, Seeley Lake ROCKS|Jun 2, 2022

    As dependable as the changing seasons, our Seeley Lake ROCKS Board members have unraveled the winter programs, and we have turned our focus to supporting our current season of community outdoor activities. Each May/June, we concentrate on sprucing up the hiking, biking and all abilities trails at Placid Lake. After a stellar winter of kids skating - from finding the right sized skates in our bountiful shed, falling down, getting up, starting over and finding their stride to the fun pick-up hockey games and the brave figure skaters attempting...

  • Gearing up for a winter of outdoor recreation

    Garry Swain, President, Seeley Lake ROCKS|Dec 30, 2021

    As winter dawns over the Seeley Swan Valley, the ROCKS team springs into a frenzy of action. It is during this ever-changing and unpredictable weather season that we realize the somewhat limited control we have over this gorgeous environment, and much of the ROCKS team's time is spent watching the weather forecast. Rain? Not so good. Snow? Great for the ski trails, trouble for the ice skating rink. Cold and icy conditions? Not so great for the ski trails, fantastic for the rink. Yep – this is wh...

  • Why we live's for the recreation

    Garry Swain, President, ROCKS|Jun 17, 2021

    Over the course of the past several months, especially with COVID-19 hovering and bringing us relentless malaise, it has become clear that living in this gorgeous area has been a blessing beyond words. There are many reasons we choose to live in the fourth largest state with just over a million inhabitants: we love the great outdoors and we love having all the beautiful mountains, lakes, rivers, ponds, meadows - and so much more - to roam. With the long, long, long and cold winter finally behind us, and the ice rink at Seeley Lake Elementary...

  • Get outside, be active for the health of it

    Garry Swain, President, ROCKS|Jan 7, 2021

    Some of you were lucky enough to have been born here, in the gorgeous Crown of the Continent and the bridge between two of the most awe-inspiring parks in the entire country. Some of you discovered this area and made an active life choice to join the community, perhaps because of work or family, but it is likely that the possibility of extraordinary outdoor activities were also a lure. In 2020, the year we'll always remember as the year of masks and life interrupted in previously unfathomable...