By Garry Swain
President, Seeley Lake ROCKS 

Gearing up for a winter of outdoor recreation

A Place for All


December 30, 2021

Andi Bourne Pathfinder

ROCKS volunteer Dave Lewis and ROCKS President Garry Swain starting the base for the Community Ice Rink Dec. 15 at Seeley Lake Elementary School. Instead of using the liner like they have done in the past, the Seeley Lake Nordic Club packed the snow with a roller and then ROCKS sprayed the rink area several times allowing the water to freeze in between. The warm weather made it a slow process in the beginning, however, there was a good Base Dec. 24. Swain and intern Conner Chadwick flooded the rink several more times over the Christmas weekend. With the sub-zero temperatures, Swain hopes to have the rink ready to go this week.

As winter dawns over the Seeley Swan Valley, the ROCKS team springs into a frenzy of action. It is during this ever-changing and unpredictable weather season that we realize the somewhat limited control we have over this gorgeous environment, and much of the ROCKS team's time is spent watching the weather forecast. Rain? Not so good. Snow? Great for the ski trails, trouble for the ice skating rink. Cold and icy conditions? Not so great for the ski trails, fantastic for the rink. Yep – this is when the word "outdoor" in our name takes prominence over all the others (ROCKS = Regiona...

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