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 By Frank Dufresne    Opinion    July 9, 2020

Land-value method unfair assessment, borders illegal

SEELEY LAKE - Coming soon will be increased sewer tax assessments for ‘water-linked’ properties ranging from $1,200 to $2,000 to pay ADMINISTRATIVE sewer costs. Other properties in the district are assessed only $90 to $700 for exactly the same...

 By Frank Dufresne    Opinion    July 2, 2020

An election is the solution, not lawsuits

SEELEY LAKE - If this sewer was a good idea, users in the district would be ALL for it and it would have been built already. As proposed, it’s dissolved into a decades-long lawyer and lawsuit can-of-worms and getting worse. After the recent board...

 By Frank Dufresne    Opinion    June 4, 2020

Points to consider with proposed sewer

SEELEY LAKE - When deciding the proposed sewer, I hope the conservative, financially and socially responsible citizens of Seeley consider this: • Combined utility, water and sewer costs per user is likely to be THREE times what’s considered a...


Whitefish Lake Subdivision - Relevant Information for Seeley Lake Sewer

A recent Missoulian article [July 15, 2018] about Whitefish Lake and a subdivision on its shore has information that seems relevant to Seeley’s sewer controversy. It was proposed that the Lion Mountain subdivision with 120 lots on the lake’s west...


Vote Like You're Signing a Contract

SEELEY LAKE - From up and down the valley, folks tell us about the value and virtue of ‘clean water’ and the chemistry of sewage. We’ve funded studies and drilled wells to show what we already knew: Sewage affects water quality and should be...


Once-in-a-Lifetime Grant Only for Phase 1 - Leaves Other Phases on the Hook

SEELEY LAKE - Recent information misstated that a “once-in-a-lifetime” grant will pay two-thirds of sewer costs. It won’t. It is only for Phase 1. Later phases 2, 3, and 4 each need to re-apply for any grant money. This should especially...


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