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  • Burning Down the House

    Dusty Weber, Park City, Mont.|Apr 16, 2020

    Us: Some unusually bad hail came through this season and sadly it shattered many of our most precious stained glass windows in our home. What should we do? Government: Start by pouring gasoline all through your house and light it on fire. When the neighbors show up to help, begin screaming “FIRE, FIRE” at the top of your lungs. Tell them to be calm but encourage them to join in. When the crowds get large enough and loud enough, encourage them to burn down your neighbor’s house as well. And finally, if enough are willing and the rest are afrai...

  • Medicaid expansion lacks real compassion

    Dusty Weber, Hamilton, Mont.|Mar 21, 2019

    Why should someone who works and cannot afford insurance pay for the insurance of someone else who does not work at all? Continuing to fund Medicaid Expansion with tax revenue from Montana's struggling workers lacks real compassion. Try not to confuse Medicaid with Medicaid Expansion. Medicaid already covers profound disabilities and people who truly cannot enter the work force. Medicaid Expansion on the other hand is a deceptively named redistribution scheme that takes taxpayer money to give healthcare to nearly 100,000 other Montanans; many...