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  • It's Not Going Away

    Bruce Hall, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Jul 19, 2018

    SEELEY LAKE - There are consequences to inaction as well as action. In Seeley Lake we know we have a problem. Chemicals harmful to our health are just under our feet, in the groundwater under our town. Our wells are there too. A lake is next door. So far, it’s been left up to us to do something about it. People who work for us, mostly county employees, have helped us understand the size and scope of the problem and reviewed options. To slow the growth of the problem, those hired to protect us, in this case the County Health Department, have s...

  • Transparent – and Obvious

    Bruce Hall, Phase 2, Seeley Lake, Mont.|May 3, 2018

    SEELEY LAKE - The new candidates for membership on the Board of Directors of the Seeley Lake Sewer District have indicated their desire to serve. I doubt service is their true intention. Bubbling up between their claims of bringing transparency, a new perspective and other seemingly laudable traits is the obvious intent to destroy from within that which they were unsuccessful in sabotaging before. Colleen Krause put it well, “The top priority for these three candidates is not to immediately [underline added] reject the sewer. Their key focus w...

  • Let's Rename the Lake – and the Town

    Bruce Hall, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Oct 5, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - The trio opposed to the sewer should change their name to Citizens Against Sensible Wastewater Solutions, for that is what they’ve turned out to be. “Citizens for” just doesn’t fit their profile, though it’s typical these days to adopt a high-minded name – and then do the opposite. And while we’re seeking truth, as they say they are, let’s prepare for the last mile. Many of the old warnings fit so well here and now; don’t [urinate] in your own pot, don’t [defecate] in your own mess kit. But if the trio dupes too many into prote...

  • Don't Let the Debate Sink Lower than the Sewer (or Septic System)

    Bruce Hall, Seeley Lake, Mont.|Aug 10, 2017

    SEELEY LAKE - I attend Seeley Lake Sewer District Board meetings when I am in residence and read about them when I’m away. The Board did a lackluster job of getting information out last year and the opposition did a great job of distributing misinformation. In this community, like many others, rumor travels swiftly and easily, often trampling facts along the way. This year, the Board is providing facts professionally, while the opposition continues to present opinion as fact. Several other tactics are employed; distraction is a favorite. C...