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By Bruce Hall
Phase 2, Seeley Lake, Mont. 

Transparent – and Obvious


SEELEY LAKE - The new candidates for membership on the Board of Directors of the Seeley Lake Sewer District have indicated their desire to serve. I doubt service is their true intention.

Bubbling up between their claims of bringing transparency, a new perspective and other seemingly laudable traits is the obvious intent to destroy from within that which they were unsuccessful in sabotaging before. Colleen Krause put it well, “The top priority for these three candidates is not to immediately [underline added] reject the sewer. Their key focus will be on reevaluating all wastewater treatment options and…” – then they’ll reject the new sewer project.

The District was formed decades ago to attend to real problems that have become worse in the meantime. To join a community service board only to subvert it does a disservice to the entire community.

Their energy would be better applied joining the effort to make the new system affordable for everyone. That would require steps such as telling representatives how important the project is to the community, collaborating with others and supporting those working to improve conditions for everyone in the community, rather than fabricating specious arguments.

Retain the incumbents. They’ve made some human missteps and endured many false accusations but they’ve voluntarily worked for the best interests of Seeley Lake.


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