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Articles written by Craig Wilson

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 By Craig Wilson    Opinion    March 2, 2017

Never Closed for Business

We live in an era when it is easier and easier to get what we need, when we want it. Yet, we are still limited by availability. There can be occasions when we have to wait to see the dentist or arrive at a store before closing time. Often there are...

 By Craig Wilson    Opinion    January 12, 2017

God's Goodness

We are on the other side of another Christmas season. Many are working on thank-you notes to extend appreciation for gifts received. For most, the desire to give a gift to another person is an expression of love and kindness. We desire to show...

 By Craig Wilson    Opinion    December 8, 2016

Four Reasons Why I Celebrate Christmas

One week into December and we are right in the middle of the Christmas season. I love Christmas, I always have. My memories of Christmas down through the years were always very positive. The ancient beginnings of Christmas are controversial for... Full story

 By Craig Wilson    Opinion    October 20, 2016

No Surprises for God

There have always been times throughout history when people have been apprehensive about the future of the nation and world. We are quickly approaching the next presidential election. This is a season of giving great consideration to who to vote for...

 By Craig Wilson    Opinion    September 1, 2016

Who is the Know It All?

One of my favorite slogans is, “Ask a teenager now…while they still know everything.” We’ve all been on both sides of this. It is common for youth to feel certain that they possess a firm understanding of life. Yet, with age, comes a humble...

 By Craig Wilson    Opinion    July 14, 2016

More Than Fair

In my previous articles I have focused on an attribute of God. An attribute is a description of who God is and how God relates to us. Understanding the attributes of God are important to know the beauty of who God is and the truth of how the Lord...

 By Pastor Craig Wilson    Opinion    April 7, 2016

A Hopeful Picture of Marriage

This past month our family traveled back to Washington to celebrate my parents’ 50th wedding anniversary. We had a wonderful visit with my parents, along with my brother and family traveling from Florida. The occasion of 50 years of marriage...

 By Craig Wilson Pastor    Opinion    December 31, 2015

Fresh Snow, Fresh Start

I love the beauty of a fresh covering of snow. After several days without a new snowfall, the ground begins to look muddy, full of tire tracks and various debris covers the surface. Once a new layer of fresh snow covers the ground once again the...

 By Pastor Craig Wilson    Opinion    November 12, 2015

God Sees the Hurting

There is an ancient story in the Bible that speaks of hurt and hopelessness. This story is timeless as there are many around us who are hurting, suffering, and without hope…yet those around are unaware. The Old Testament tells about a woman named H...