Chamber trying to regroup

Chamber members and interested parties, it’s time to have the discussion as to what is next for the Seeley Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

The Chamber needs to reorganize to regain its 501c6 status that was lost years ago. There has been a handful of people who have expressed interest in rekindling it.

A lot has changed in the last few years. For instance the Chamber no longer runs the Visitors Center, doesn’t not have an executive director and has not done any events other than the Fourth of July parade and fireworks (which would not have happened without the group of citizens who ultimately did all the heavy lifting).

There will be a meeting at 1 p.m., Thursday, Oct. 13 at The Filling Station. Any business or non-profit representatives in the area are welcome to attend.

If unable to attend but are interested in being a part of the Chamber’s reorganization discussion please email or call Chamber Chair Nathan Bourne at 406-210-9909.

Once there is a list of those interested, meeting times and locations will be set to accommodate as many as possible for future meetings.

Student Market Day looking for a time and place before Christmas

A group of area business leaders and educators met recently to discuss plans for the second Seeley-Swan Community Market Day in which students create real-world business products and sell them in a common plase.

Seeley-Swan High School Business Instructor Michele Holmes was asking for ideas about a time and place to host this year’s event.

In 2021, seven student created the own “pop-up” business and displayed and sold their wares at a home basketball game at SSHS.

But this year 16 students joined the program and will require more space and a time when most locals can get there.

Local business owners are invited to contribute ideas.

Contact Holmes at or 406-677-2224 Ext. 5740.

SLE Parent-Teacher Club forming

Members of the newly formed Seeley Lake Parent-Teacher Club met Sept. 26 hoping to create a regular meeting schedule and locations at which to meet.

SLE parent and organizer Michelle Dunn recently moved from Potomac where she was a member of Potomac School’s Parent Teacher Club for several years and loved watching how the Club supplemented teachers, students and the entire school.

She watched the Club’s annual Bingo event outgrow the Potomac Greenough Community Center and raise tens of thousands of dollars for the Club in one night.

Ideas Dunn has for the Club include enhancing the arts or music, supporting school beautification projects, funding travel expenses for field trips, celebrating teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, providing meals and snacks during conferences or earmarking funds for a larger project.

Dunn is working on getting the 501(c)3 status for the Club. The Club will elect a president, treasurer and secretary at the next meeting. She hopes the Club will meet monthly and hold a couple fundraisers per year.

Dunn explained the funds raised will go into an unrestricted pool. Teachers can solicit the Club to fund extracurricular activities, events or supplies for their classroom.

The Board would then vote on the proposal as long as it fits within the mission of the Club.

At the Sept. 26 meeting, Dunn hopes to establish the mission for the Club, gather interest and brainstorm fundraising ideas.

For more information contact Dunn at

Hospital board reschedules meeting

The Seeley Swan Hospital Board District Trustees scheduled for Oct. 11 was postponed until Nov. 8.

Fire District Calls

Oct. 2 to Oct. 8


10/2/22 Accident Boy Scout Rd

10/5/22 Medical School Ln

10/5/22 Medical School Ln

10/5/22 Medical Wagon Wheel

10/5/22 Medical Elm Dr

10/6/22 Medical Black Bear Dr

10/8/22 Fire Chimonk Ct


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