Don't forget

Out 'N The Woods Again

Many, many, moons ago whenever I took to the hills, there was some good advice in that famous packers guide and artist Joe Backs book, "Horses, Hitches and Rocky Trails."

Have yer check list so ya don't forget.

Elk season com'n up so I went over my list like them folks go'n over Obama's birth certificate. Yup, looked good at the time.

Sett'n up the wall tent with Indian autumn com'n on sure was grand out here in the great outdoors. Had the ponies on the high line out back. Gave'um a little hay I'd packed in previous. First night an elk bugled about 100 yards from camp. Sign of good things to c...


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moondance writes:

Hi Dale, You have some writing skills, but your column pieces would be much more enjoyable to read if you were to stop injecting the petty vicious political digs. For example, in this column you couldn't seem to resist a dig at President Obama regarding his birth certificate. It does nothing to help your story and in fact it distracts. It just makes you look small. Don't do that. We don't need it and your story doesn't need it. Thanks. Mike.

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