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By Kim Heninger
Licensed Clinical and Addiction Therapist 

This time....

You Matter


March 26, 2020

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Kim Heninger LCPC, LAC, LLC, Licensed Clinical & Addiction Therapist • 406-370-8877

This time calls upon our creative imagination, coping skills of positive self-talk, understanding and trusting that we can find a new normal.

Talkback to worries and look for opportunities.

Fresh air and aerobic exercise for those that are well, use exercise, outdoors and good news to keep you afloat.

Let negative news go for now.

Use screen time to search for humor and fun entertainment.

This time is calling for all of us to reach out and be there for each other. That means if you can drop off a meal, share a few books, a prayer, call a friend, maybe family and share this time. Game time at home with loved ones, make this a staycation, as best that you can.  Where is opportunity knocking for you right now?  Dig deep.

I know that in our community, so often we see the acts of kindness, the volunteers, the organizations, the individuals that reach out in order to serve each other, as well as our environment. Sure, we are sculpting a new normal right now but I have every faith that we can be here for each other as well as be safe with distancing. We can all come out the other side with new insights and inspirations of who we are and how we can creatively handle this challenging time.

Don't go it alone, call a friend, a provider, reach out, learning to ask for help may be your opportunity through this time.

Hold onto this thought....This too shall pass. It is our gift to find the opportunity in these moments.


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