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The summer fades

Out 'N The Woods Again


September 12, 2019

Dale Terrillion

Summer time is slowly slipping away. The heat for a while almost got us. Not much smoke appeared because of the rains – what a blessing. We don't need another 2017. So we wait for the leaves to change.

We try to spend some precious moments out on our little deck. The aspen trees I planted out front lets their leaves quiver and quake in the breeze. Sort a like the lives of some folks quivering and quaking through this pilgrims journey and the time allotted us here.

That sap sucker has been trying to kill those trees for years. I've chased them away with the BB gun many times. So far my aim has been good enough to scare'em. I have a special fence to surround them in September cause the whitetail bucks have done their share of damage over the years.

Anyway, looks like a boon year for Oregon grapes, at least around here. Huge clusters are hanging everywhere. Too bad they're so sour. And you can tell without look'n that the service berries are ripe cause the Cedar Waxwings showed up. They have no great song to give us but are a beautiful thing to look at. When morning dawns and evening starts to fade we hear their little chirp.

The gobbling five have turned into seven. Still look'n for a hand out. But they'll get none till winter gets harsh. And the resident hen has been spotted down the driveway with about a dozen little ones. Way to late I'm think'n, the first of August cause they weren't any bigger then those chicks you get at the feed store. She was a good mama though. As the car got close she spread her wings and they scurried under her for protection. And for us the good book sez "under His wings we will find refuge."

So Indian Autumn is almost upon us as summer fades. As the leaves change the Creator God reminds us He still loves His creation. He has made everything beautiful in its time.


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