Seeley Lake welcomes new sporting goods store

SEELEY LAKE - After making one-too-many trips into Missoula for outdoor gear, Ryan Dunster decided it was time for a change.

"There wasn't anything here, so we saw the need for it," said Ryan. "Sometimes where you might need something and there's nothing here so you have to make a plan or do without it."

Now, locals and visitors will have a one-stop-shop to fill their outdoor needs. The shelves at Heritage Outdoors are packed with odds and ends for backpacking and camping, such as cookware, fuel and freeze dried meals. Ryan proudly sells a variety of equipment for hunting and fishing, includin...


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JDawg writes:

These folks either have what you need or will try and find it. I was really, really impressed by their willingness to try and help me get what I need. This place, with this family are a real asset to Seeley Lake and all sports... hunting, bicycle touring, hiking.. thank you Dunster Famly