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Previously I discussed the advantages a revolver has as a concealed carry/self defense firearm. Now I will discuss why the auto pistol is also a great choice.

First, the auto pistols come in many sizes and weights so there are many choices. Prices are also available to fit everyone's budget. Everything I said about the revolvers is still true but the autos have some advantages. They are:

The auto pistols carry more "on board" ammo. Some of the autos will have as many as 17 rounds of ammo in the magazine, some will have more. Chances of having to reload under stress is almost zero!

With practice, the autos can be reloaded in a mere two seconds. That allows a person with the auto and a spare magazine an almost inexhaustible supply of ammo. All of which is easy to carry and conceal. Reloading a revolver, even with a speed loader, doesn't come close.

With factory ammo, the auto is so close to the revolver in reliability, there isn't enough difference to argue over. The reliability of the auto does not affect my decision on which firearm I carry.

The auto pistols have several calibers (actually cartridges) to choose from, all are good. Some are better than others. The most common choices are: the .380, 9mm, .40 S&W and the .45 ACP.

The .380 is the weakest cartridge on the list. It comes in very small to medium size handguns. With modern ammo, it is adequate to take care of almost any situation a person will ever face. Recoil is very manageable in all but the smallest handguns. The slide on most of the .380s is weak enough that most women can operate it. This is not true of the other chambered autos. Because of this many women will find the revolver easier to operate.

The 9mm is king of the hill today. Modern ammo makes this cartridge better than ever and definitely adequate to stop attacks. Many police departments are returning to the 9mm. If it is good enough for the police, it is good enough for the rest of us.

After the FBI shootout in Miami in 1986 where two agents were killed and three critically wounded, the FBI wanted a more powerful cartridge to replace the 9mm. But the guns the FBI agents had were not the problem. The problem was they were up against two killers, and one of then had an auto rifle with lots of ammo!

Still the FBI developed and decided on the .40 S&W. It is a great cartridge, shoots a heavier bullet than the 9mm and delivers a little more energy to the target. It too is a great choice.

The .45 ACP shoots a very large and heavy bullet. It is the most effective cartridge on the list. It will be in a heavier and larger handgun and recoil is more than the others. Because of size and weight, it will be more difficult to carry and conceal, but it can be done. Now, the choice is yours.

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