The elusive bigfoot

Out 'N The Woods Again


December 6, 2018

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Dale Terrillion

A strange event once took place near the northern California town of Burney. It happened in the Shasta Trinity National Forest, the town's claim to fame was Bigfoot and was sure to be found there.

The helicopter logging outfit I worked for was logg'n near there and on the cutt'n crew was a wild, free spirit named Jack.

Anyway, he somehow got a bigfoot suit and decided he'd scare one of the other cutters up on the side hill. Having stuffed the crazy suit into his knapsack when they flew him up to cut that morning, he lost track of where the guy was and ended up running into the check scaler, poor old Virgil.

Now Virg was the sweetest guy you'd ever meet. The outfit liked Virgil cause he was as honest as they come. And he had a bad heart so they felt sorry for him. Virgil once lived, for a time, with his children in one of those caves south of Salmon, Idaho. having been abandon by his wife and his health failing him. But that's another story.

Virg was checking a big pine log and heard a noise behind him. Look'n around here was BIGFOOT!!

Poor Virg fell over the log and down towards the landing he stumbled. Having made it he stood in front of the boss and couldn't speak. They sat him down and finally got the scoop.

Well sir, it wasn't long before all the news people showed up. They put it straight to the boss.

"Can we believe this guy?"

The boss told them if Virgil said he saw Jesus Christ up there, you could believe it.

In them there days they gave us all fancy radios case we got hurt. One of my partners, Loren, was gas'n up his saw and heard the commotion on the landing. Now if you knew Loren like I knew Loren, you'd know what was coming.

The boss on the radio – "Any of you cutters seen this thing?" Click.

Loren on the radio – "No, but there's a cave near here. I'll check it out." Click.

Loren in this small cave where possibly a lion had lived.

Loren – "I'm going in." Click.

Loren waited knowing the suspense on the landing was building to a crescendo.

Finally the boss – "Loren, Loren, what's there?" Click.

Loren waited.

After a spell Loren thought he'd better end this crazy game and hit the button – "It smells bad in here and some bones but it's empty. Over and out."

Thus ended the Bigfoot scare.


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