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New Life in Christ - Part 2


On down the highway through Prince George and Vanderhoof, logging trucks appeared, Fraser Lake and Burns Lake. All the way to Prince Rupert seemed like every third rig was a logg’n truck.

Motor’n through Smithers, B.C., I spotted a gigantic igloo. It was called Adams igloo, as big as a house. Need’n a break I stopped to investigate. It was closed so I went to the house. “Yes,” the men said “But see’n how you stopped, I’ll open it.”

Inside was every mounted animal from Canada. It was impressive. Seems like the ol’ boy was quite a hunter. Come to find out he came there as a young man from Bozeman, Mont.

As our visit progressed I could tell even with all his success in life, he was not a happy man. What was it Solomon said, “Vanity, vanity, all is vanity vexation of spirit and chasing after the wind.” When Solomon said that, he had drifted from God. Even with all his excesses, he couldn’t find happiness.

Anyway, I thanked him that he let me in and made my way to New Hazelton. From here the weather commenced to have a coast effect. A light cold rain was com’n down, the wipers beat a tune tell’n me Alaska was com’n up.

Somewhere just the other side of Cedarvale I spotted a guy hoof’n it down the Queen’s Highway. He was a robust native, he was, but looked like a drowned rat, no coat and his shirt hung in pieces. As I passed him my thought was this guy is dangerous. But I hadn’t went a hundred yards when the still voice said pick this fellow up. So not wanting to quench the spirit, I backed up.

As he jumped in he admitted it was a little nasty out there. I sez you might catch your death of foolishness. No sez he, be’n a commercial fisherman you get used to it.

I had to ask what happened to his shirt. The story was he’d got really drunk back there a couple of nights ago and guess he was raise’n hell, so they called the cops. He guessed they needed help so they sicced a police dog on him.

“Look,” sez he. “That dog was so well trained he about tore my shirt off and not a mark on me.”

Yes, I agree that dog was well trained alright. The more I looked the guy over I could see why the cops needed help.

So I felt like what this guy needed was God in his life. And proceeded to tell him about the love of Christ.

“Wait, wait” sez he, “You sound like my brother-in-law, you must be a preacher or something.”

No, I’m just a sinner saved by God’s grace. All the way to the coast we talked about his life, his family, his job. When I left him at his apartment he was dry and thankful.

Sez he, “I need to change for my family.”

Yes, I agreed and for yourself. For you can do all things through Christ who will strengthen you. As I headed for the ferry, I felt the Spirit say, God is calling this big fisherman to a new life in Christ.


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