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By Zoie Koostra

Seeley-Swan Grads Celebrate Successful End to High School


Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

The Seeley-Swan High School Class of 2018 bids farewell to their high school career as they toss their hats in celebration.

SEELEY LAKE - Seeley-Swan High School graduated 28 seniors on June 3, in a ceremony that celebrated their achievements and carried important lessons about the meaning of happiness and success.

Dr. Kathleen Pecora, Seeley-Swan's principle welcomed the students and families, the school board members and administrators who were present on that day.

Keaton Johnson gave the Salutatorian address. He reminded his fellow classmates of important lessons they could take with them as they moved on from high school after beginning as freshman, all of whom "couldn't open [their] lockers." Johnson reminded his classmates to be themselves, value their hard work and their friendships, and to remember to listen.

"And most importantly," Johnson said, "Remember that the problems plaguing your life right now won't even register in your mind about three months from now."

After a performance of "You Raise Me Up" performed by Amaya Harman, originally written by Secret Garden, the guest speaker, Loren Rose, the Chief Operating Officer of Pyramid Mountain Lumber, delivered his speech.

First, Rose asked the class what their motto was. After only one student raised her hand, Rose read the motto, a quote by Stephen Hawking, "Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet."

"But if you look at the stars," Rose said. "You won't know where you're going and you won't know when you've gotten there."

He went on to explain each person has their own definition of success and each of them can choose for themselves what being successful means. Rose reminded the students their definitions of success can change over time and their definitions of failure can change too.

"I challenge you today to be happy, to be enthusiastic and to find your own success but be prepared to redefine it along the way," Rose said. "It's great to watch the stars but pay attention to where you're going and may you find success along the way."

Andi Bourne, Pathfinder

Adia Stevenson is hugged by her father Jeromy during the presentation of roses. Her mother Jennifer captures the moment.

After the graduates received their diplomas, they were addressed by Valedictorian Elizabeth Lorentz. She warned her classmates she was not the best person to take advice from but emphasized that they should listen to those who are wiser and more experienced. She then shared a piece of advice from her mother, Jeannie.

"Most days when I come home from school she says, 'Have you had any laughs today?'" Lorentz said of her mother. "And as much as I found that question annoying, it is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves at the end of our high school career."

Lorentz said laughter and joy are what make everything in life worthwhile, and even though it is easy to get caught up in having a steady career and a good job, happiness cannot be taken for granted.

She said, "I think being able to laugh and enjoy the moment is one of the most important things, if not the most important thing, that we can look for as we go out into the world."


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