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By Zelda Haines
SSHS Head Cross Country Coach 

Cross Country Continues to Step It Up


Lexi Carpenter

Junior Logan Maughan led the Blackhawks team at both the Thompson Falls and Hamilton meets. Maughan placed 20th at T-Falls and 8th in Hamilton where he set a new personal record with a time of 17:39.27.

The Seeley-Swan High School (SSHS) Cross Country Varsity Team competed in two meets this week, the first in Thompson Falls, Mont. Sept. 29 and the second in Hamilton, Oct. 1. The Seeley Lake Middle School runners joined the team at the Hamilton meet on Saturday.

Thompson Falls Invite

The SSHS Cross Country Team competed on a very warm day at Thompson Falls Golf Course Thursday, Sept. 29. Varsity and junior varsity boys (162 runners) and 111 girls from A, B and C schools competed.

Nearly all the racers turned in times 30 seconds to a minute slower than their best. This was true of our team also except for Amber Springer who ran a season best!

SSHS boys' team of six placed ninth out of 22 teams and first out of the C teams. Logan Maughan was second for the boys C teams and 20th overall.

For the girls, Cera Strumpfer was also second in the C races and 17th overall.

Results (3 mile race) - * denotes PR:

Boys (98 runners): Logan Maughan: 20th place, 18:30.5 – 6:10/mile; Logan Robinson: 28th place, 18:56.98 – 6:19/mile; Cameron Haines: 42nd place, 19:30.97 – 6:30/mile; Lane Mackie-Wendel: 72nd place, 23:31.39 – 7:50/mile; Cordell Turner: 74th place, 24:27.53 – 8:09/mile; Will Banks: 75th place, 25:49.10 – 8:36/mile

Girls (76 runners): Cera Strumpfer: 17th place, 21:40.62 – 7:12/mile; Elizabeth Done: 47th place, 24:55.72 – 8:18/mile; Amber Springer: 76th place, 36:31.76* – 12:10/mile

Hamilton Invite - Varsity

Competing at the Hamilton Cross Country meet Oct. 1, Logan Maughan, Cordell Turner and Lane Mackie-Wendel ran personal records on a flat course on a breezy day. Maughan started the race with the lead runners and finished eighth out of 54 runners. The boys' team finished fourth out of all teams, beating Darby by a close four points.

Cera Strumpfer placed seventh out of the 31 girls. She is working on keeping her miles more even paced. Elizabeth Done ran a strong race as did Amber Springer even though their times didn't reflect it.

The team is looking forward on running at the 7-on-7 race in Helena, Thursday, Oct. 6.

Results (3 mile race) - * denotes PR:

Boys (54 runners): Logan Maughan: 8th place, 17:39.27* – 5:53/mile; Logan Robinson: 18th place, 18:37.49 – 6:12/mile; Cameron Haines: 22nd place, 19:00.86 – 6:20/mile; Cordell Turner: 31st place, 19:50.80* – 6:33/mile; Lane Mackie-Wendel: 45th place, 21:33.36* – 7:11/mile; Will Banks: 51st place, 23:58.92 – 7:59/mile

Lexi Carpenter

Sophomore Lane Mackie-Wendel set a new personal record in Hamilton, 21:33.36.

Girls (31 runners): Cera Strumpfer: 7th place, 21:18.74 – 7:06/mile; Elizabeth Done: 19th place, 24:29.42 – 8:09/mile; Amber Springer: 31st place, 37:26.64 – 12:29/mile

Hamilton Invite – Middle School

The Seeley Lake Middle School girls' team ran without their top two runners but turned in great times for a full mile and a half race. Hannah Ayers, recovering from foot problems, ran a great race and placed 14th out of 75 runners.

Kyla Conley was 30th with a time of 11:28. Lexi Sunderland, after being sick for a week, was 63rd with a time of 13:38.

Again Chase Haines ran out to a lead and placed 24th of 67 runners with a time of 10:44.35.

The Championship Middle School Race will be held Oct. 12 at Linda Vista Golf Course in Missoula, Mont. This will be their last race of the season.


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